BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour makes its way to Kuwait

The BlackBerry 10 Jam Tour is still going on, with its latest stop in Kuwait yesterday. The Kuwait event was what RIM has been calling a Mini Jam, but it still saw 40 local developers come out to see what developing for BlackBerry 10 is all about.

The excitement for BlackBerry 10 was fueled even more at the event with the discussion of the $10k app development program, that will see 3 developers walk away with $10,000 if their app meets the requirements and is chosen.

Mohamed Al Mefleh, Director Product and Platforms, RIM Middle East, said:

“With every BlackBerry Jam event, the excitement for our new platform is only increasing among our developer community. The enthusiastic participation we have seen today strengthens our commitment to provide our customers in the region with a strong pipeline of locally relevant applications for when BlackBerry 10 launches.”

It continues to be promising for RIM to be showing all regions of the world some BlackBerry 10 love. Hopefully all these Jam events will garner the new platform some seriously awesome apps, luckily we are only a month and a bit away from BlackBerry 10 becoming a reality.