Forbes ‘Behind the Brand’ Interviews RIM’s CMO Frank Boulben


Mobile Link  recently sat down with Research In Motion’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Frank Boulben, to discuss his very important job of rebuilding the BlackBerry brand. As CMO Mr. Boulben has the tough job of getting consumers to look at BlackBerry in a new way. The above interview is about 15 minutes long and is very insightful.

Mr. Boulben has changed the way RIM markets to the consumer because “you cannot achieve anything before you have the right people operating in the right construct.” As any great CMO would say you have to know your customers. Mr. Boulben is right on target by stating “First of all, it starts with the customer. We need to be absolutely clear about which customers we intend to serve, and why we are going to serve them better than the competition.”

How do you feel about Research In Motion’s marketing strategy at this point? Let us know in the comments!