Deutsche Telecom CEO Rene Obermann Announces He Will Step Down Next Year

While this may not seem as exciting or relevant news to many of you, but the announcement that Deutsche Telecom CEO Rene Obermann will be stepping down could affect some of us.  Mainly we will have to keep an eye on what becomes of T-Mobile USA, and their current merger negotiations with MetroPCS.

Obermann will remain as CEO until December 31st of 2013, at which time current CFO Timotheus Hottges will take over.  Obermann requested that he have the full 2013 year to ease the transition over to Hottges.  Whether or not the move from Obermann to Hottges as the CEO will have any affect on how T-Mobile USA is run will remain to be seen, but if I were a T-Mobile customer I would keep an eye on what is happening back at the mothership.