Leaked Image shows BlackBerry 10 Video Chat in Action!?!

We have been hearing about BBM video chat feature for BlackBerry 10 over the past few months and up until now we really have not see an image or video showing it off in action. A very reliable source sent me the image below which is presumably BlackBerry 10 video chat in action. Now if you ask me the image looks just like that of the BlackBerry PlayBook video chat app in action as well. If you look closely at the image the device that the to gentlemen are using looks to be the BlackBerry Z10 or L-Series device. Hit the break for a larger image!

At this time we still do not have any list of functionality however the video chat app is rumored to already be available on BlackBerry10. Let is know what you think in the comments!

BB 10 Video Chat leak

Thanks you know who for sending this one in!