#TeamBlackBerry Let’s Get Tango to Support PlayBook & BlackBerry 10

Looks like Tango is willing to bring their app to the PlayBook if demand is sufficient. For those of you who may not be familiar with Tango, its a cross-platform app that allows user to video call and text using their wifi or mobile network connection. They currently have an app for Iphone, Android, and Windows phone. The current petition seems to be focused on the PlayBook but I would argue it makes more sense for them to support BB10 first. The demand is much greater with mobile use as most of us do not carry our tablet on us the entire day.

We  personally think Tango would be a much better cross-platform application to have on BB10′s launch day than Whatsapp. If you would like to see Tango come to the BB10 or PlayBook please ensure to visit the following link below or sign the twitter petition. Thanks for this attention BerryReview

Here are the two ways to let Tang know:


or http://twitition.com/t4q4w

Tang0 Video: