Contest Winners of Holiday Photo Contest from RIM and NerdBerry!

So after lots of thought @b_ren8 and myself have chosen the two winners of the Holiday Photo Contest from RIM and NerdBerry!! You can tell that the two winners put a lot of though into their photos. They also followed the instructions on how to enter correctly! Congratulations to Jamie and Alex for winning one of two BlackBerry prize packs from RIM and NerdBerry! As a reminder the prize packs consisted of  one T-Mobile Branded BlackBerry Bold 9900 and one 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook!! Hit the break to see Jamie and Alex entry to the Holiday Photo Contest as well as the other participants photo’s!

We have notified both winners an they have 24 hours to reply back with a shipping address. If we do not hear from the in the allotted time frame we will choose a different winner. Thank you to all that participated and we look forward to our next holiday contest!

Grand Prize Winners!

Mattie with BlackBerrys.

Here is the most important piece of our family Madison with the family’s BlackBerrys excluding the alpha which we needed to take the picture lol. I chose the Christmas tree because to me it is the most recognized symbol of Christmas, our family’s favorite holiday. Hope all are enjoying the Christmas countdown app available in app world as much as we posted on all our devices in the picture. We enjoy the quality time we spend putting up the tree and decorating it. Hope u pick me as I have the oldest phone in the picture..yes my 9 year old has a newer phone than me. Or the PlayBook so I won’t have to fight I mean share with my husband anymore. Thanks for this great opportunity. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.–Jamie



I realize this is a few hours past the deadline. However, I hope you’ll consider it for the contest and help me get rid of my iPhone 3GS (lol!)–Alex


Notable entries:


Image from Gus


Hey guys thanks for putting together this awesome contest! I’ve attached two photos for you. First is the photo you requested which is my old friend holding my also very old cell phone. He would always help me fall asleep back in the day when I was bursting at the seams with excitement on the night before Christmas! Second photo, sense you mentioned family involvement, is my family recreating a family Christmas photo from 20 years ago! The left photo is from 1992 and the right is 2012. I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and thank you for putting this together!–Nate


My two favorite Holiday items are both really SMART. My BlackBerry Bold 9900 and my Samsung LED SMART TV. I couldn’t ask for anything SMARTER.–Tashanna


Sad Christmas

Attached is my photo for the contest. My favorite part of the holidays is my grandmothers homemade pumpkin pie…unfortunately I moved across the country from my family a few months ago and for the first time in over 35 years I have to attempt to make it myself…might be a sad holiday Maybe NerdBerry and RIM could think of a way to make it more cheerful–Adam L.


Firstly i would like to tell you that i really appreciate your Holiday Photo Contest Giveaway!
I would really appreciate winning a BlackBerry Bold 9900 + PlayBook Prize pack because both will be very useful to me, my hands are very big and one of the only BlackBerry’s that i can type on are the BlackBerry Bold 9900, i also live in an area where Near Field Communication is also very commonly used in restaurant which can also serve well. Currently i am using a very outdated BlackBerry and a new one would be awesome, my current one has gone to fix in numerous occasions and with a Brand new Bold, it would just make my Christmas gift. Also, with the PlayBook i could also Bridge them together with the BlackBerry Bridge feature, by doing so they work as an amazing pair with BBM on the playbook, also another amazing thing is that i will be able to use my phone to control my very own PlayBook, and i will be using the Bold’s Physical QWERTY keyboard.
I have already followed you and mentioned you on twitter (@BBerryThailand), i have liked you on facebook (Jokinchi Rondeno) and subscribed to your YouTube Channel (lfcdiehard1)
I have attached a picture of my phone (BlackBerry 8700) with Santa because i enjoy Christmas, Christmas is something that me and my friends join in and celebrate together whilst most of us may be from different cultures we still enjoy to celebrate on this festive occasion. Especially with all the presents and so on…!
Again, i really appreciate you doing this contest with RIM so that readers of get an amazing chance to win this Grand Prize Pack.
I really hope to be the winner of one Bold 9900 from T-Mobile and one BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM!!–Adam J.


This is a picture of my niece and I at the Christmas Parade held on December 7, 2012 in downtown of Sherman,TX. I chose this picture because it is a time for families to come together as a community to celebrate! Just look at my niece’s face Also check out the lighted Christmas tree in the background! –John



It’s my holiday Bold 9000. –Artem


PlayBook picture next to my all time favorite ornament, Jessica Rabbit. I LOVED Roger Rabbit as a child and received this ornament, along w/a stuffed Roger Rabbit toy when I was a pre-teen. Kept the ornament w/me and was the 1st of my OWN personal collection of ornaments that make tree each and every year. Very much like BlackBerrys, I now take pride in collecting and displaying them all as well as cherishing them year after year. –@xAshley1983x


I chose to pick the Christmas stocking to be partnered with my 9900 because the stockings hold many holiday memories for me. In my family we would gather around our fireplace where the stockings were hung Christmas Eve and would enjoy family time listening to carols, reading stories, watching a holiday movie or just talking about what we hoped the following day would bring. Afterwards, before bed, we would then be able to uncover the surprises of what our stockings contained, be it a small toy, a gift certificate, candy, or, as I discovered in x-mas of 1999, a pager. But not just any pager, a RIM branded inter@ctive 900 pager. My VERY 1st BlackBerry. My love affair with The decadent BlackBerry brand began via this family tradition. This is why only this picture could EVER do and in turn was the very first thing to pop into my mind when I saw this contest post. The power of the stocking lives on! LOL –@xAshley1983x


  • thatoneguy

    Congrats to the winners!! Sad for anyone who got beat out by a late entry nerdberry allowed to win.

  • tfrankson

    Congrats to the winners. It was a fun contest.

  • aloomis76

    Congrats to the winners! So…inquiring minds want to know…did the winners reply and confirm an address?? Just asking because I can really really really use a new Bold and PlayBook and if they didn’t then maybe NerdBerry would be kind enough to pick me as the alternate winner…just saying lol (personally I think my pic was the best anyway lol)