RIM Plans On Lowering BlackBerry 7 Prices To Increase International Market Share

This should come as no surprise to anyone, but it seems that RIM will be lowering BlackBerry 7 pricing to help expand market share internationally. With the BlackBerry 10 launch right around the corner, there is much opportunity for RIM to increase their market penetration with more affordable BlackBerry 7 devices.

Here are the comments made by a Taiwanese supplier that was speaking to Digitimes about the launch of BlackBerry 10, as well as priced drops for BlackBerry 7 devices,

Handset supply chain sources stated that RIM has been making changes according to trends in the smartphone market by establishing the new BlackBerry 10 platform to accommodate touch features. In addition, RIM has been adjusting service fees and no longer bundles products with plans, hence it is likely to attract more non-enterprise users. Furthermore, RIM plans to lower the price of BlackBerry 7 to expand market share.

Handset makers noted that RIM has a strong customer base in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America to make up for the falling market share in Europe and the US.

As I stated at the beginning this is no shock at all, but the fact that statements are starting to come down from the supply chain side adds a little extra verification to the theory. So is anyone out there maybe thinking of saving some cash and getting a new BlackBerry 7 device when the price drops? Or is it BlackBerry 10 all the way? Let us know in the comments.


  • Always wanted to get my hands on a Bold 9330,but my trusty Torch 9850 will hold till than..Blackberry 10 all the way…we go