Mysterious BlackBerry 10 Model RFH121LW Lands at the FCC

BB 10

Just the other day we saw the Blackberry 10 ”L-series” BlackBerry Z10 to pass through the FCC, now there is a Mysterious BlackBerry 10 model RFH121LW over at the FCC. The Mysterious BlackBerry 10 model RFH121LW currently at the FCC does not have much information to go on at this time. There are no images, or specs so it has a lot of people wondering what device it actually is..

Could it be the BlackBerry X10 or another device all together sound off in the comments!

Source: FCC

Via: Engadget

  • anonymous

    Maybe its a new 10 inch playbook since remember that patent with the hidden keyboard from a few months ago running BB10 for the playbook.

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  • Clearly the world’s greatest mobile consumer device….other than that, haven’t got a clue. 😉

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