RIM Investing $1 Billion Dollars into the Launch of BlackBerry 10

Microsoft has been spending 1 Billion dollars on their advertising campaign but much of their campaign is just showing off Windows 8 as a ‘cool product’ it does not educate the users about Windows 8 nor explain how its any better than previous software. In an interview with CNBC, RIM CEO goes on record saying that RIM is investing around $1 billion dollars into the launch of BlackBerry 10, a third of their total cash position. Expect a campaign to rival that of Windows 8 which we’ve seen everywhere of late. The CMO has a solid marketing strategy and it will likely do a much better job at explaining the benefits of BB10 not just showing it off as ‘cool.’ Video excerpts after the break

“You guys went from having 600 million cash at hand to 2.9 Billion dollars cash at hand. The expectation is that, that will be spent in large part on marketing. Can you give us us a sense of what that will look like in a quarter of two from now?” CNBC Correspondent to Thorsten Heins.

“We will be investing into the launch of BlackBerry 10. We will provide a very strong marketing and launch campaign together with our carrier partners, we look forward to building the product in the millions, which will require us to invest in inventory. So yes you will see the cash position going down in the Q4, Q1 period. However I do not expect that position to fall below a number of about 2 billion” Thorsten Heins

Source/Video: CNBC Service Revenue in Place, Not Going Away

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I love RIM! They are serious about BB10. I’ve never seen BB advertising except a few videos on YouTube before (and a HUGE sign in the Skydome/Rogers Centre). I am soooo looking forward to the run-up and launch of the BlackBerry 10 devices.