All In One Remote App For BlackBerry 10 Available For Playbook And Dev Alpha Owners

All In One Remote app is just like the other ones for Blackberry, except this one is for BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook. So if you have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, you can give it a shot. Be sure to watch the preview video after the app description.

App Description:

AIO Remote lets you control your computer remotely from your BlackBerry 10 device with a huge set of features.

Please download PC Server App (V3.1.3):

Key Features:
1- Wifi supported (Bluetooth will be supported in coming versions).
2- Linux, Windows and Mac supported.
3- Touch-screen mouse control with left/right click, scroll and zoom in/out in internet browsers and photo viewers.
4- Powepoint control.
5-Control Media Players (Windows media player, Media player classic, Winamp, VLC, Banshee, Totem ).Note: applications should be active.
6- Create your custom remotes to control any application ever on your PC remotely.
7- BBM integration. You can invite your friends to download AIO Remote.

How to use AIO Remote:
AIO Remote consists of two parts:
1- The device application that you can download from here.
2- A server application for your computer that you can download here ( ).

1- Java SE Runtime Environment (Java 1.6 is preferred than Java 7).
2- WiFI

Get the desktop client here. Get the app for the Playbook or the Dev Alpha device at Blackberry App World.