Verizon Branded BlackBerry Z10 Makes Appearance

As we approach the launch of BlackBerry 10 we have started to see a lot of leaked images of the BlackBerry Z10 (or whatever the official name ends up  being).  Up until now we really haven’t seen any carrier branded BlackBerry 10 devices, which or course was leaving us wondering how visible the branding would be.

In the above picture you can see that the BlackBerry Z10 on the left has Verizon branding in the upper left corner.  The Z10 on the right is apparently an AT&T model, but without the branding there is no sure way to tell.  All we know is that it is nice to see that the carrier branding is not taking over the design of the device.

With January 30th only 27 days away we hope you are all getting excited as we are to see the official BlackBerry 10 devices!

Source:Business Insider

  • Antonio

    I wish RIM would have added a built in FM Radio like the curve on all BB10 phones.