Android Developers Get Ready To Port Your Apps, And Get Rewarded For Doing So

We told you about the Android Port-A-Thon a little while ago, but now there are more details on the event. Android developers will be able to port their apps over to BlackBerry 10 during a 36 hour virtual event that will start on January 11th at noon ET. For those developers that take part there is a chance for them to get rewarded for bringing their apps over to BlackBerry 10.

Get Rewarded

The more you port and build the greater your rewards*:

  • Port one or more approved apps –and get $100 per eligible app to a maximum of 20 paid applications per Vendor
  • Additionally; submit five (5) or more apps and be eligible for a random draw for one (1) of one hundred (100) BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Devices. Receive one (1) additional entry for every eligible app that you submit over 5.


Porting Android apps to BlackBerry 10

Since more apps mean more rewards, you should take advantage of the tips below and get ready before you join the event.

Here’s what you need to get prepared ahead of time.

  1. Register as a Vendor at BlackBerry World if you haven’t already.
  2. Request signature keys. Make sure that you select for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ OS and BlackBerry 10 and higher. Downloading in advance is strongly recommended as the time involved to do so could prevent you from earning rewards.
  3. Load up your laptop BlackBerry tools and plug-ins. Make sure you have your full source code file readily available too.
  4. Make sure you have your images and icons ready to go.

We also have porting guides and tools you can use to get a head start.


BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps Overview

Port your Android app from BlackBerry PlayBook OS to BlackBerry 10 OS


ADT Plug-in Repackaging Tool

BlackBerry Packager for Android Apps

Join us

Submit your apps into BlackBerry World before BlackBerry 10 launches. Register for the Android Port-A-Thon for BlackBerry 10 today!


For more information you can head on over to the BlackBerry DevBlog


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    Everyone go ask @Newsblur to bring their awesome RSS reader app to BB10!