Canada’s First NFC Enabled Magazine Ad From Rogers And BlackBerry

When NFC first started to make its way into our phones there were a lot of critics that just didn’t see the point.  Sure there is mobile payment solutions, but there is a large infrastructure that needs to be put into place before that becomes a full-scale solution.  Well Rogers and BlackBerry have gone another route for NFC technology with the first NFC enabled magazine ad in Canada.

The ad is featured in Rogers Connected Magazine and will offer some nice deals for BlackBerry users.  When you tap the NFC tag in the ad you will get a holiday gift for download, as well as access to free premium apps, information on the new BlackBerry 10 lineup a well as the ability to download CIBC’s Suretap payment app.

“This is another great example of how NFC continues to deliver innovative and effective advertising solutions especially for the magazine and print industry,” says Ian Barkley, CTO of NFC marketing platform provider Crosscliq. “NFC offers advertisers, for the first time in history, the means to connect the offline print world with the online digital world. Crosscliq’s proprietary platform delivers results that are immediate, dynamic, at a low cost and deeply trackable and measured in real time.”

Check out this video showing how the NFC enabled magazine ad works. And let us know what you think of this use of NFC enabled phones in our comments.