Interview with Co-Founder of Decoding, team building over a dozen HTML5 Games for BB10

I’ve been pals with @ShashwatPradhan and a fan of his apps for awhile now.  Shashwat Pradhan is a tech enthusiast, app developer and avid gamer. Shashwat is also a white hat hacker and a DJ in his free time–while being the co-founder of Decoding ( http://decodingtech.comthe same ones we told you about that were developing ‘Retro-Style’ HTML5 games for the BB10 platform. After the break is an interview he took with NerdBerry discussing his development of now 13 games for the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem and his thoughts about the the future ahead for RIM and BB10, from a devs perspective.



1) What got you started in application development?

I was always tech savvy and a decent programmer. The need of a good flashlight app for personal use at the boat club made me develop a LCD flashlight app. From there, their was no stopping.

 2) What specifically attracted you to start developing for BlackBerry 10?

 I visited a BlackBerry Jam in Bangalore where I saw the awesome BB10 platform features and RIMs commitment to developers, this made me move to BB10.

3) You’re planning on having a pretty big footprint in App World with 10+ apps, what kind of monetization strategy do you have to take Decoding beyond the launch of this new platform.

 Yes, actually our game tally is 13 so far, most of our games will have ads, maybe we’ll try the freemium app model for 2 of our best games.

 4) How have you found the WebWorks development environment and tools BlackBerry has given out to developers?

 Webworks environment is great and so are the tools although we sometimes had problems with ripple. But we totally loved the extensive javascript libraries provided for BB10.

5) Why did I.D.E do you code in?

 We are coding in Notepad++ for now.

 6) What expectations do you have for the launch of BlackBerry 10? Do you expect it to make a modest comeback or are you expecting big things for their success and yours?

Seeing RIM’s 1 billion dollar marketing commitment and the promising features in BB10 as a platform I do expect a good comeback from RIM. Also all the great efforts from BB dev evangelists have roped in marvelous apps from developers making BB10 pretty unbeatable.

7) Where do you stand on the debate between Native and HTML5 Development?

To be honest, I have been totally on the side of native till a few months back. Seeing that HTML5 is almost reached native capacity (Even 60 fps+ games have been possible) and the platform independence now has me slightly tilted towards HTML5. Depends on the type of game/app I chose which technology to use.

 8) For someone interested in learning to develop against WebWorks and BB10 where would you have them start?

There is great documentation on the developer BB10 site and the samples can be a great for a steep learning curve. ( )

9) Which of your apps are you most proud of?

I am proud of all my apps, but if I was asked to pick one, I would say Pirates of the Galaxy is my personal favorite since it is a classic retro game.

10) What are you most excited about for BlackBerry 10?

 The flow is my favorite feature of the BlackBerry 10. Flow coupled with great apps indeed makes BB10 a killer platform.

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