Launch Codes For BlackBerry 10 – Cascades Developed App For BlackBerry News

With BlackBerry 10 developers have a ton of tools at their disposal to make some awesome apps.  Now I know that usually the big name apps gets all the attention, but there are tons of developers that just learning how to develop for BlackBerry 10.  One of these devs is @bbquincar, who has made a very nice and simple lists app for the BlackBerry fan in all of us.


The app is Launch Codes for BlackBerry that provides you with quick access to all the major BlackBerry Blogs (yes Nerdberry is there) and all the news and reviews they are producing.  The latest version of the app lets you share the photos and posts to your BBM contacts, and I believe the dev is planning on adding more share options down the road.  Developer bbquincar is planning on providing even more updates leading up to the January 30th launch event, so you can bet this is going to be one awesome/functional app by the time you have your BlackBerry 10 device in hand.

bbquincar has a thread over in the Crackberry Forums where he has been posting updates. So if you have a Dev Alpha device I suggest you hit up the AppWorld link below and check out Launch Codes for BlackBerry, and don’t forget to leave the developer a review in AppWorld to share your thoughts on the app.

Download Launch Codes for BlackBerry for free in AppWorld