Monitor RIM’s New Bentley QNX Concept Car At CES From Your Living Room

I am sure that you have all read about the new RIM Bentley Concept Car that was showcased at CES which is running some QNX magic.  Well if you are anything like us you have wanted to check out the car in detail yourself, but alas you are not at CES.  Well you can now monitor the concept car from within a browser while lounging in the comfort of your living room.

The car is publishing stats in real-time to the cloud, and there is even a Twitter feed with pictures from the CES floor.  The whole things looks to be coded in HTML5 which is promising for BlackBerry 10 and the future of the operating system.  QNX is saying that in the future this tech will allow you to do the following types of things,

  • Roll up your windows if it starts to rain
  • Find your car when you forget where it’s parked
  • Check to see if you need gas
  • Start your engine when it’s cold outside
  • Monitor the charge level of your battery

You can check out the monitoring web app here, and you can read up more in the car here.