RIM Privately Showing off BlackBerry 10 at CES 2013, BB10 Testing with over 150 Carriers

We’ve heard that ‘BlackBerry’ was not on the floor of CES showing off their new OS and hardware to attendees of the CES in Las Vegas in any offical capacity. QNX was there in full force with numerous partners showcasing new technology in the automotive sector. While that was going on Jeff Gadaway and likely others from RIM were behind the scenes in private rooms showing off BB10 to small private groups. We saw Russel Simmons tweeting about it yesterday. Furthermore Jeff says that BB10 is in carrier testing with over 150 carriers around the world.

rush_bb10cesAll in all awesome stuff. The video talks heat mapping and other great innovative features being built in to refine the BB10 experience and make it more feature rice than some of the competition out there. In the words of UncleRush, Y*all gonna flip!