RIM Shows Off BlackBerry Hub at Consumer Electronics Show

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One of the most welcome features that we are looking forward to that we have knowledge of is the new BlackBerry Hub feature! The awesome unified inbox allows you to quickly see all of your messaging and social application and more application to come with the opening of the BlackBerry Hub API. RIM was in attendance at CES 2013 to not only show off the capabilities of QNX but to show of some of the current features of the up and coming BlackBerry 10 devices:  

  • Unified Inbox versus BlackBerry Hub: Similarities – If you are currently using your device’s unified inbox as your base of operations on BlackBerry OS 6 devices and up, I have great news: BlackBerry Hub is still the messaging and communications center for new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and it’s available in real time.
  • Unified Inbox versus BlackBerry Hub: Differences – When Thorsten Heins said “BlackBerry Hub is not just a unified inbox,” he wasn’t kidding. By using BlackBerry Flow to layer open emails, attachments, or BlackBerry apps over the top of the Hub, you can quickly “peek” back as needed to view all the apps you’re currently using. It’s as much about the accessibility of your data as it is the integration of your data.

Let us know what you think of the new BlackBerry 10 Hub and or what other features you would like to see stem from it.