BlackBerry Z10 Set To Go On Sale On January 30th In The UK

There have been all kinds of rumors as to when the BlackBerry Z10 would go on sale after the launch announcement this Wednesday   Well it seems that it is going to be earlier than we expected, at least in the UK.

The Verge received a screenshot from a Vodafone UK employee that shows Vodafone will start to sell the Z10 online as of 5pm local time, and that the devices will be available in all stores as of January 31st.  This is much earlier that we had expected, and it seems kinda of surprising that we would see the devices being sold on the 30th.

The Z10 is said to be Vodafone UK’s first “4G Ready” device — it will work with the carrier’s LTE network once it launches — and there will be a range of on-contract options that thankfully don’t require signing up for a special BlackBerry SOC plan. If you’re looking for no upfront cost, you’ll be paying £47 per month for 3GB of data and unlimited talk and text for 24 months. The cheapest monthly option, meanwhile, is a £25 plan with an upfront cost of £229 that includes 100MB of data, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk.

Lets hope that we start to see dates for other carriers very soon, and that the Z10 is launching nice and soon on them as well.
Source:The Verge