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Canadian Government Details Risk of BlackBerry PIN-to-PIN Messaging

PIN-to-PIN messages allow BlackBerry users to communicate not using BBM but device to device messaging to other BlackBerry devices. PIN to PIN messaging is a securely encrypted means of communicated, although if not used correctly could allow risk and or vulnerabilities using this type of messaging. All other types of messaging services sent over data can be recovered 

Charles Dufourcq On The BlackBerry Z10

There’s a short video after the break featuring Charles Dufourcq. Charles is the Director for BlackBerry Singapore. He came to give a special message to #TeamBlackberry hit the break for the video!

Where’s My Perry Puzzle Game For BlackBerry 10

Where’s My Perry was launched for BlackBerry 10. Where’s My Perry is part of a series of games that have been put out by Disney. The game features more than 80 puzzles across 4 chapters. The physics based puzzle uses water in different forms to solve the puzzles. There is also collectables, challenges and bonus […]

Listen To “One” The BlackBerry 10 Inspired Song

Today we were made known of “One.” This is a BlackBerry 10 inspired tune from @DJBrianS & @KiddWrek Ft. @DanaLori . This is first known song for the new BlackBerry OS. In the past there have been a few mixes inspired by BlackBerry including She Did Me Shady On The BBM.

Black BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 on Sale in Indonesia

Remember when we gave you news on the Porsche Design BlackBerry P‘9981 all in black well  it look like those sexy handsets will continue to go on sale. Yes you can pick up your beautifully design P’ 9981 in Indonesia from PT. Teletama Artha Mandiri

Inside BlackBerry lists the top 5 improvements of BlackBerry 10 software

Today we saw a software update for the BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers, Fido, TELUS and Koodo to version  I got around to updating my Z10 after work today, and have noticed the addition of things like bedside mode. The Inside BlackBerry Blog has just put up what they think are the top 5 improvements […]

Official OS: BlackBerry Torch 9810 OS from Digicel Group

BlackBerry Handheld Software v7.1.0.2364 (Multilanguage) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 9810M_PBr7.1.0_rel2364_PL5.1.0.606_A7.1.0.861_Digi cel_Group.exe File size: 257.93MB Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

BlackBerry announces BlackBerry 10 App Challenge Malaysia

BlackBerry has teamed up with the MSC Malaysia Integrated Content Development (ICON) program to hold the BlackBerry 10 App Challenge Malaysia.  The contest will focus on new BlackBerry 10 apps that will appeal to Malaysians and take advantage of the BlackBerry 10 interface.  There will be two winners announced from the challenge, one for the genera […]

***UPDATED***Official OS: BlackBerry Z10 OS from Fido, Rogers Wireless and TELUS

***UPDATED*** I was speaking with @B_Ren8 about this latest updated originally the update was Fido and Rogers wireless but B-Ren sent me the below three screenshots showing that in fact the update is also being pushed out to TELUS. BlackBerry is hard at work on the BlackBerry 10 OS updates. They are pushing out OS […]

BlackBerry Messenger Updated to v7.0.1.17 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry has released an update to BlackBerry Messenger to version This new download includes several bug fixes designed to improve the performance and stability of the application. Please download BBM version when you have a moment.

Dev’s BlackBerry is Sending Out Emails For The BlackBerry Dev Alpha C!

Developers listen up! BlackBerry is currently sending out notification to qualifying developers that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha C is ready to ship! This is great news for developers, we also just let you know about how BlackBerry is Sending Out Emails For The Crystal BlackBerry!

Australia to get the BlackBerry Z10 on March 18th

If you are in Australia and are waiting to get your hands on the greatest BlackBerry to date, the BlackBerry Z10 you do not have to wait much longer!!! The BlackBerry Z10 will be available on March 18th for customers in Australia. the Blackberry Z10 will launch in Sydney, Australia BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will […]

Dev’s BlackBerry is Sending Out Emails For The Crystal BlackBerry!

We just received a tweet from @jefferip letting us know that BlackBerry is currently prepping to ship out the Crystal BlackBerry to developers that have qualified for it! As you can see from the image on this article all you have to do is click “here” in the email to enter your shipping address.

**UPDATED**Sarim Aziz, head of Developers Relations Asia Has Confirmed a new BlackBerry 10 tablet coming in 2013

***UPDATE*** We just received a tweet from @ alexkinsella letting us know that the statement below was a misquote. Here is what Alex had to say: “@nerdberry that was a misquote. He confirmed BlackBerry 10 coming to existing PlayBooks.” We have been hearing a lot of different opinions when it comes to BlackBerry 10 and […] Back Up and Running

For what seemed to be a long time, BlackBerry’s website was down (for upgrades). Well we are happy to report that shop BlackBerry is back up and running! They are stocking everything for BlackBerry from batteries for the BlackBerry Z10 to the BlackBerry Music Gateway.

BlackBerry Z10 Headed To Vodafone India

As BlackBerry continues to roll out BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10 Vodafone India has joined in on all of the fun! Vodafone India is now taking pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10. Vodafone has hoisted up a new BlackBerry Z10 webpage that states “Experience the power of 10, on #Vodafone 3G. To prebook the @BlackBerry […]

Mobile Innovations Installs in-Vehicle Mobile PlayBook Office for Windsor Antique and Fine Art Appraisers.

Mobile Link Salter Art and Appraisals field staff need to take photos and notes, copy and print documents, and send and receive data securely. They have recently replaced cumbersome laptops, peripherals, power cords and paper files with a PlayBook and Mobile PlayBook Office from Mobile Innovations in their vehicles. Salter Art & Appraisals is a […]

BlackBerry Confirms That BlackBerry 10 Will Be Available In The US In A Few Short Weeks

BlackBerry has confirmed from their Twitter account that BlackBerry 10 will be available in the US in a few short weeks. Weeks..seems like forever for people in the US. When the UK, Canada and Africa have already launched. Hurry up!

Texas Hold’em Poker Helper Released For BlackBerry 10

S4BB has launched Texas Hold’em Poker Helper for BlackBerry 10. Actually it was released back in December, but better late then never. If you downloaded any of their previous Texas Hold’em games then you should give this one a shot. The helper part is a table of chances to let you know if you could […]

Carriers In Nigeria To Sell BlackBerry Z10 Starting March 1st, Airtel Selling Phone Already

Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN Nigeria in Nigeria are set to start selling the BlackBerry Z10 on March 1st. They will also be sold at retail outlets EMS and Brightstar.