Coming To BlackBerry 10 From Android, iPhone Or Even BlackBerry? Here Is How To Transfer Your Data

Normally transferring all your precious data, apps and contacts from one BlackBerry to another is a simple task.  Well with BlackBerry 10 it is a new operating system, and there are some new procedures that you might not be aware of.  And for those of you coming back into the fold from Android or iOS, BlackBerry has you covered as well.

You always want your transfer to go off without a glitch  otherwise you have to re-enter all your contacts and calendar entries which for some of us that can be a full-time job.  So luckily BlackBerry has taken it upon themselves to put up some awesome “how-to’s” for getting it all done.  Now of course those of use switching over from a BlackBerry 7 device will have the easiest time, but there still doesn’t appear to be any Microsoft Outlook Sync, however wireless Gmail, Yahoo and other types of accounts are syncing very nicely.

Here is what will transfer over from your BlackBerry 7 device,

  • Contacts
  • Files (pictures, music, documents)
  • Calendar items
  • Tasks and Memos
  • BBM™ contacts
  • Browser bookmarks and folders
  • Alarm/clock settings
  • Text/SMS/MMS/PIN messages
  • Phone Call Logs
  • WLAN Profiles (for non-enterprise networks)
  • Password Keeper entries

Now you can check out the full guides here, or you can take a look at the individual PDF’s at the links below.

  • Transferring contacts, files and media from an iPhone – Learn more
  • Transferring contacts, files and media from an Android device – Learn more
  • Transferring contacts, files and media from a feature phone – Learn more