BlackBerry Advertises with Amscreen in the UK


BlackBerry continues to push forward with new ways of advertising in the UK. BlackBerry has teamed up with Amscreen Europe’s largest digital media network to run a seven week advertising campaign in the UK. BlackBerry has enlisted Amscreen and their 1,900 screens set up nationwide to run time-specific ads. The 1,900 screens are located in forecourt and convenience store locations across the nation.

The campaign now launches into a second stage of ads with a first for the Digital Outdoor sector and Amscreen. The campaign combines automated location content (GEO+) as well as live social content via Twitter.

The ads that will highlight BlackBerry’s experiential roadshows that are taking place at over a dozen shopping centres across the country. The campaign uses Amscreen’s GEO+ technology (ads that automate content based on location) whilst also combining live Twitter content, giving further detail on the roadshow and sharing consumers’ thoughts on BlackBerry 10 in real-time.

Amscreen’s CEO Simon Sugar said: “We’re extremely pleased to announce this technology-driven BlackBerry 10 campaign on the Amscreen network. Our unique platform allows us to deliver live, relevant social content at the right time and place. This unrivalled level of national flexibility and relevance simply can’t be achieved elsewhere.”

Quentin Scott, Director, Channel Marketing UK at BlackBerry commented: “Amscreen is a trusted partner and we are pleased to be using its network as part of the experiential phase of our launch.”

Source: Amscreen