MMMOOO Featured As BlackBerry Developer Success Story

Every so often BlackBerry does a BlackBerry Developer success story. This gives the developer the opportunity to gain more exposure for their apps. MMMOOO is the latest developer to be featured on the BlackBerry Developer website. Probably most known for their themes, they have already starting making apps for BlackBerry 10. Blackberry did an interview with them to find out more about their developing and future plans.

Established in 2004, MMMOOO is a young and energetic company based in Shanghai. Ever since 2006, MMMOOO has been developing with a strong focus on the BlackBerry® platform and has submitted over 300 applications to BlackBerry World, bringing in nearly 70 million downloads worldwide. MMMOOO’s BlackBerry apps cater for an entire range of customer needs, from highly practical apps to games and entertainment. Its “Weather Plus” application was granted a patent in Mainland China in 2011.

Jonah Lin, CEO of MMMOOO, talked about their fruitful experience and achievements on the BlackBerry platform, as well as the advantages BlackBerry offers to developers, compared to other platforms. He also shared his enthusiasm for developing applications for the revolutionary BlackBerry® 10, and highlighted his confidence and commitment to developing BlackBerry apps.

Check out MMMOOO at BlackBerry World.
Q: Could you share with us some of your developer experience and achievements on the BlackBerry platform?

Jonah Lin: Established in 2004, we have developed applications for many mobile platforms such as Symbian and QT. In 2006 we started developing apps for BlackBerry, and we have gradually shifted our focus to this platform since then. We have achieved great success on the BlackBerry platform. As of mid-2012, our annual revenue reached US$200,000, and we have around 500 paid downloads and 150,000 free downloads per day on average. Our total app downloads on the BlackBerry platform has now reached 70 million.

One thing that I would like to highlight is that BlackBerry customers are highly engaged, they always provide a lot of positive and constructive feedback. This feedback is helpful for BlackBerry developers as it helps them to optimize and improve their applications based on customers’ preferences, and helps provide the best user experience.

Q: Undoubtedly, MMMOOO has achieved great success on the BlackBerry platform. Which application is your most popular one?

Jonah Lin: To date, MMMOOO has developed over 300 BlackBerry applications which are widely acclaimed among BlackBerry customers globally. Our most popular application is called “Weather Plus” which has had a total of over 5 million downloads to date. It offers accurate weather forecasts and pushes weather information to the home screen. With its powerful features, “Weather Plus” was granted a patent for its specialized technology in Mainland China.

Q: Based on your cross-platform development experience, what are the important factors that differentiate the BlackBerry platform from other mobile platforms?

Jonah Lin: In my opinion, a key factor that differentiates BlackBerry from other platforms is that its customers are much more willing to purchase apps. A survey showed that BlackBerry has a higher percentage of paid app downloads, compared with iOS and Android.

BlackBerry also provides customers with three convenient options to pay for applications which include carrier billing, PayPal, and credit cards. These payment methods help developers monetize their applications via BlackBerry World more easily.

The usage behavior of BlackBerry customers is very different to that of other smartphone customers. Thanks to the advanced BlackBerry Push technology, BlackBerry customers frequently check their smartphones and this significantly increases their dependence on their smartphones and BlackBerry applications.

Another differentiator is that the interface of BlackBerry World is clearer than that of other application storefronts, customers can quickly search for the applications that they need. Unlike other application storefronts, applications submitted by developers onto BlackBerry World will not be overshadowed by numerous other applications, thus our applications can gain more exposure and attain more downloads, which translate into higher return on investment.

Furthermore, the BlackBerry platform has a very powerful application—BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™). With over 60 million users globally, BBM helps customers stay connected with their contacts in an efficient and secured manner globally via BlackBerry Push technology. RIM has already released the API of BBM for developers to develop applications that are tightly integrated with BBM. This level of integration allows customers to share the applications that they are currently using with their BBM friends, generating effective word-of-mouth marketing for these applications.

Q: As MMMOOO is already developing applications for BlackBerry 10, could you share with us some of your experiences with this platform?

Jonah Lin: The BlackBerry 10 platform is remarkably easy for application development. It supports various development languages that include Native SDK (C/C++/QT/JS), WebWorks (HTML5/CSS3/JS), Adobe Air Flash and Android Runtime. This means that BlackBerry 10 offers greater versatility and developers can easily transfer their previous applications to the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

From the perspectives of its features and functions, BlackBerry 10 is a truly revolutionary mobile computing platform: “Flow” enables customers to smoothly switch from app to app; its advanced gesture-based navigation allows customers to do various complex actions in a swift manner and its excellent multi-tasking capability allows customers to switch between applications seamlessly. In addition, the innovative UI of BlackBerry 10 is a huge differentiator compared with its rivals.
Q: Why is it so important for your company to develop applications for BlackBerry 10?

Jonah Lin: MMMOOO is committed to being innovative and interactive, which exactly mirrors the characteristics of BlackBerry products. As a long-term, loyal partner of BlackBerry, we will continue to support BlackBerry 10 and develop the best applications for this platform.

The US$10K Developer Commitment guarantees that high quality applications can earn at least US$10,000, which encourages professional developers like us to develop applications for BlackBerry 10. Moreover, I am very touched by the passion of RIM’s developer relations team. Their local Developer Relationship Manager and their Global Vice President all pay very high regard to accommodating our needs. We are also encouraged by the high level of technical support that RIM offers we can communicate with the APAC developer managers in Chinese which indicates their full commitment to localization.

RIM has put in tremendous resources, both locally and globally, to make the BlackBerry 10 platform a real success. We have actively participated in a number of events organized by RIM, these include the BlackBerry Jam World Tour in Beijing, BlackBerry JamHack, a local BlackBerry developer salon and BlackBerry Jam Asia.

As a brand new platform, BlackBerry 10 brings lots of new exciting opportunities to us. With our solid experience in applications development, MMMOOO will provide high quality BlackBerry 10 applications for our customers.