Leaked: BBM for Android APK File!

Yesterday I received a file containing BBM for Android APK. Well, I of course figured it was some sort of joke as there are a ton of fake BBM for Android apps floating around. I did load it on my Galaxy Tab just to see what was up with it. Sure enough the BBM APK file is the “official” version from BlackBerry. With that said you can sideload the BBM APK on to your Android device, but if BlackBerry has not white-listed your BBID or BlackBerry ID it will not work for you. Now if BlackBerry has white-listed your BBID you will have no problems getting fully up and running! You are still able to login to you BBID regardless of whether on not BlackBerry has white-listed your BBID.

You can download the APK for BBM below, be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments!

Download BBM for Android APK here.

Please note that we here at NerdBerry do not accept  any  responsibility for anything  this does to your device.   Please do  not  attempt to load this unless you  are comfortable  with what you  are  doing.  You will need a Windows PC to use the  loader, but if you  do load it drop us a comment letting us know how  it runs.