Instagram Client iGrann Updates to Beta 4 for BlackBerry 10

iGrann has been hard at work on their Instagram client, today they have released a new update to the application. This update is to public beta 4 and includes a ton of awesomeness!

Here is the change Log:

  • Spark notification icon present after reading notifications (Fixed)
  • Some images are shown as liked (Fixed)
  • Following news do not load (Fixed)
  • Wrong image size in Active Frame (Fixed)
  • Feed reloads while scrolling (Fixed)
  • Image interval in active Frame is erratic (Fixed)
  • Error while posting when text contains some special chars (Fixed)
  • Mark notifications as read when News tab is visited (Implemented)
  • Allow to edit caption while reGranning (Implemented)
  • Double always like media (Implemented)
  • Vertical lines in Profile (Implemented)
  • Profile Picture can be edited (Implemented)
  • View Photo Tags (Implemented)
  • Photo Tagging (Implemented)
  • Mention suggestion while commenting (Implemented)
  • Battery improvents (Implemented)
  • Better notifications management (Implemented)
  • White image for Modern UI (Implemented)
  • Option to disable notifications (Implemented)
  • Download progress indicator (Implemented)
  • Grid View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Tag View in Profile (Implemented)
  • Auto load more media in Profile (Implemented)
  • Locations for Uploads (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Facebook (Implemented)
  • Auto share to Twitter (Implemented)
  • Share images to iGrann (Implemented)
  • Native media share (Implemented)
  • Copy share URL (Implemented)
  • Shortcut to Hide/Show bars (Implemented)
  • Option to change title bar color (Implemented)
  • Option to define active frame cycle interval
  • Pich to Zoom in Feed (Implemented)
  • And more…

Download the .Bar file here.