Your BlackBerry Days Are Done, Alicia Keys I hardly Knew Ya


I have been putting off writing this for a while to give benefit of a doubt and in vain hope but after hunting around on Google since the news came out that BlackBerry would be letting their Creative Director Alicia Keys go… I have been struggling to find anything positive about her term…


What is a Creative Director and what do they do?

“A creative director is a vital role in all of the arts and entertainment industries. The creative director may also assume the roles of an art director, copywriter, or lead designer. The responsibilities of a creative director include leading the communication design, interactive design, and concept forward in any work assigned. For example, this responsibility is often seen in industries related to advertisement. The creative director is known to guide a team of employees with skills and experience related to graphic design, fine arts, motion graphics, and other creative industry fields. Some example works can include visual layout, brainstorming, and copy writing. Before one assumes the role of a creative director, one must have a preset of experience beforehand. Like anyone else, these types of artists start up from the very beginning in fields that can relate to motion graphics, advertisement in television, and/or book (or magazine) publishing.”

Ok so maybe the “may” tags would be applied to non celebrity creative directors but when I look back to what actually happened in the year of 2013 I begin to wonder… What DID she do?

BlackBerry’s Keep Moving project seemed like a decent idea and apparently overseen by Alicia Keys herself… get the user’s involved! get the younger people interested! get everyone enthused! but a few months later everyone forgot… until I mentioned the project by name did you even remember? things just died down and everyone seemed to forget… Including BlackBerry as shown below the last tweet is August


Hallelujah music video was a 2:01 video (That Keys sat in on the video editing process) with falling blank pages as Alicia Keys played the piano on a green screened stage with spotlight effects… on the pages were pictures sent in by fans and each Major City has their own video… so one video: copy and paste 47 times. What an effort! I’ve checked up on the playlist and the view amount alone is just shockingly bad.

As an example here’s two major cities and their stats:

Like 25
Dislike 11

New York
Like 38
Dislike 1

This is Alicia Keys own project not only overseen by her but including her, you’d think there’d be more advertising even on her part but alas no.

The other projects were from Robert Rodriguez (Project Green Screen: Two Scoops) and Neil Gaiman (A Calendar Of Tales) also didn’t really receive that much press and as result were played down which is a shame because I am a fan of Rodriguez for Sin City and Dusk Till Dawn etc and my god Gaiman did “Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion” but the iron just never seemed to be hot and the projects while they seemed to be great ideas were just forgotten about… Did anyone actually see any relevance the projects had to BlackBerry? aside from it’s users getting involved?

What then of this advertising? I cannot seem to find much of it, Alicia Keys DID have a secret session for some select persons after a gig in London and it was hosted by Jonathan Ross but other than BlackBerry being on a small banner above Keys during her performance I cannot seem to find much on her promoting and loving the brand.. this is the same woman that stated:

“I want to bridge the gap between the work phone and the play phone”

“As global creative director, my goal is to inspire creativity with this platform, and I’m so excited to jump right in”

Really? the same person that Tweeted from an iPho… oh wait no that was when she was hacked… and they tweeted about an artist she likes… what a nice little hacker that person was 🙂 anyone that ever gets into my accounts usually leaves a comment that leaves people questioning my sexuality and intentions.

Oh wait remember that shot of Alicia Keys on the train using a BlackBerry as she was on the way to visit Michelle Obama…. shot using an… iPhone… Those pesky hacker monkeys with wings again!


I think it’s time we ask BlackBerry for details on her role, her job requirements, specifications, duties and her wage… considering over 40% of BlackBerry staff lost their jobs while our then Creative Director did… seemingly nothing… Ok I get it BlackBerry is famous for having KEYboards and Alicia’s surname is Keys… but that is quite literally the only benefit I seen out of her tenure last year.

She may have announced the STEM Scholarship last year but I can’t see this sheep having come up with that idea by herself

She woulda got away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids!