Don Lindsay VP of BlackBerry User Experience left in January


Wall Street Journal’s Will Connors sent out a tweet that BlackBerry Vice President of User Experience Don Lindsay has left the company.


Delving in a little further and we see that Lindsay left in January, yet clicking onto Lindsay’s profiles it still shows VP…. although with 1 tweet and Lindsays Google+ still showing RIM it’s a good possibility he isn’t into social media much.

Lindsay was well known for the acquisition of TAT: The Astonishing Tribe that provided much needed input into the look and feel of BlackBerry 10.

I scrolled through Lindsays profile and my jaw just dropped; the guy has 120 industry patents to his name and his page just goes on and on and on and on!

While Will Connors asked BlackBerry to comment and they confirmed that Don Lindsay has since left the company, there has been no mention as to why or how but seeing as this is John Chens Barbecue, multiple exec’s have “left” and Chen has hired a few SAP AG pals it seems that Mr Chen isn’t afraid to bring out the chopping block but I wonder….. is this for the best? or is it just an exodus so friends can be brought aboard?

Source: n4bb