Have a Pebble Smartwatch? Check out the custom @NerdBerry Watch Face!

Okay, so the other day  messing around on the interwebs and decided to pick up a Pebble smartwatch. Yesterday I received it in the mail and immediately began playing with it. I picked out the all black model as I did not want to pay $250 for something I have never used and was unsure if I would like it.(I paid $150). My first impression of the device was like holy crap this thing is super light I hope I don’t break it.

After messing with the watch itself I found the best two applications available for it that I am able to run on my BlackBerry Z30 OS Thanks to the Android runtime I downloaded the latest Pebble Android Beta 11, Beta 11 was just released  on March 3rd. The next application I loaded came right from BlackBerry World to the tune of Talk2Watch. Now why two applications you ask? Well you can only use Talk2Watch for your notifications (the app must be open in active frame to receive them). The Android Beta 11 allows you to update the firmware, add watch faces, add apps, and games to your Pebble smartwatch.

So how did I create the below NerdBerry watch face? That was simple thanks to Watchface Generator v2.0.0. Watchface Generator is a website that you can make your very own custom watch faces for your Pebble smartwatch (you MUST be running  v2.0 on your Pebble). Once you have created your watch face the install is simple navigate to the folder on you BlackBerry 10 device (you MUST be running OS 10.2.1 and up) and open it. This will open the Pebble Android app and install the face to your Pebble.

Now with all of that being said running both applications at the the same time will cause a conflict (at least on my end). After installing the faces, apps, games and so on, I have had to reboot my Z30 to get my Pebble to connect to Talk2Watch. So just be aware that you may need to reboot your device.

Download the NerdBerry watch face for your Pebble smartwatch.