BlackBerry OS autoloaders now available for all BB10 devices

Now that we have seen T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, and Verizon release OS 10.2.1 to the masses all we are really waiting on is AT&T and Sprint until then there is now an auto loader for all of the BlackBerry 10 devices out there. This autoloader is for BlackBerry OS Check out what was said about the OS below.

My first leak in a long time, so not even a real leak, more of a drizzle.

Small update from the T-Mobile but here are the autoloaders for Special thanks to Wigley458 for throwing them together and to Thurask for the Bitcasa links.

You can load this OS non-destructively using Sachesi with country code 310 carrier code 260 or 160.

Here are directions for loading with Sachesi:
[Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi

Looks like there are some updates to NFC and an updated settings app ( from

Z30:!EwAQjLCR!Dqj0h_dNJ7t5XZVSbJe6lOGhhrFP9p8IpmckskK nJBE

Z10(STL100-1):!UpQAjA7J!rRRZ76gUSD24fSuoBFnvEcXtTws4R8JvcUVChMo xKt4


STL100-4 Specific:

STL100-4 Radio Only(if you’re in to that kind of thing, lookin’ at you Omni):!Z4AzTIYK!9ygnhv8pSZW4x1_y1cY2XlUWHPcT05vg8x_qf5D Sn1Q

Q5/Q10:!QgpVGSRA!WLkVmB8Y_YIpuWTXHdSknFPWpaQq1qydbIKSBIE hes8

1)Backup device information
2)Close BlackBerry Link
3)Run autoloader, type device password if necessary
4)Run through initial setup
5)Sign into BBID on device
6)Restore device data from Blackberry Link
7)Start filling this thread with crazy problems and ridiculous claims of 20 day battery life!

Via: CB Forum