100 copies of Smart Watch Companion & Companion (with NFC) up for grabs!

Once again we have just teamed up with our good friend Tony Cresswell, to offer our readers 100 FREE copies of Smart Watch Companion and 100 copies of Companion (with NFC)! I have been using these two BlackBerry 10 applications for a while now with my Pebble Smartwatch and let me tell you this both applications are amazing and both are BFB (Built for BlackBerry)!

SmartWatch Companion:

SmartWatch Companion leverages the power of BlackBerry® 10 and your SmartWatch. It is an application designed to be used primarily by Smartwatch Owners. It makes use of the BlackBerry® World™ app ‘Talk2Watch’, and this is required for use of the Smartwatch Notification features. It can be used without a Smartwatch but the full experience REQUIRES the separately available app Talk2Watch and a compatible smartwatch, e.g. Pebble

Head on over to BlackBerry World to download SmartWatch Companion.

Companion (with NFC)

Companion is an App for everybody. It is the sister app to Smartwatch Companion, but optimised for all BlackBerry 10 users with a focus on easy sharing, and providing the same great features via the BlackBerry 10 Hub.

Head on over to BlackBerry World to download Companion (with NFC).

While in BlackBerry World use the links above then, swipe down from the top and click “Redeem” then use code “nbswc500” to get your very own copies of Smart Watch Companion & Companion (with NFC) for BlackBerry 10! You will have to repeat the process for both applications.

If you enjoy Smart Watch Companion & Companion (with NFC), be sure to check out Tony’s other awesome BlackBerry 10 applications below:

You can thank Tony please be sure to add the SWC BBM Channel (C003A0383). Also make sure you are following our official NerdBerry BBM channel (C000F0BF2) for more!