250 Copies of StoryTeller Audiobook Player up for grabs!


Derek from Bumblebee Computing reached out to us tonight to let us know that they wanted to offer our readers a FREE copy of StoryTeller Audiobook Player. Derek has given us 250 coupon codes to share with all of you. Storyteller Audiobook Player is Built for BlackBerry and is a feature-rich native BlackBerry 10 app designed to allow you to effortlessly enjoy your audiobooks! Check out the features below and let us know what you think about the application in the comments.


  • Auto-bookmarking
  • It will automatically save off where you left-off.  There’s no limit to how many books it can auto-bookmark
  • Auto-resume
  • Upon app restart, it will come back to the same book and bookmark that you left off, so you don’t have to remember
  • Auto-sort
  • Books with multiple sequential chapters are sorted in the expected order so that they can be played one after another without manually having to pick the right one after each chapter

Easy importing

  • There’s no importing step.  It’ll find all the supported files in the “books” folder and display them for you to select.

Integration with Librivox

  • Amazing selection of public domain books that have stood the test of time powered by Librivox.  Choose from books that have been ranked “Top 100 best books of all time” including Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice (dramatic reading), Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and comedy classics like George Grossmith’s Diary of a Noboby, books of the Bible (KJV), Pulitzer prize winners and so much more — 1200+ titles to choose from.  All easily searchable and downloadable right within the app.  No subscription and unlimited downloads!  Hundreds (thousands?) of hours of high quality entertainment and enrichment.
  • Additionally, the downloads are also checked for cellular connection before downloading and a prompt is issued to guard against accidently data charges.

Formats supported

  • Support for mp3, m4a, m4b (non-DRM)

Cover art enabled

  • Books are parsed to extract book cover images.  Additionally, a jpeg can placed in the same folder with name of folder.jpg to add cover art.

Easy navigation

  • Gesture enabled (swipe left/right) to quickly move from one book to another; tap on screen to toggle play/paus
  • Media key enabled
  • Long press volume key to advance/rewind.  This is essential for advancing next chapter while driving.

Sleep timer

  • Fall asleep to your favorite books.  Set the sleep timer to an interval of your choosing.

Support for SD card


  • Share your favorite book with a friend
  • Delete a chapter or a book directly from within the app

A huge  thanks to Derek from Bumblebee Computing for making this giveaway possible! Don’t forget to follow our official NerdBerry BBM channel (C000F0BF2) for more!

While in BlackBerry World swipe down from the top and click “Redeem” then use code “STORYTELLERPROMO” to get your very own copy of StoryTeller Audiobook Player