Six New Valentine’s Day Themed BBM Sicker Packs Now Available!

That’s right, six brand new BBM sticker packs have landed in the BBM Shop! 8-bit Valentines Day from Swyft Media, Harley’s Love Story from Swyft Media, Betty Boop Valentines Day from King Features, Garfield’s Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day from Paws Inc, Peanuts Valentines from Peanuts and last but not least Valentine’s Day from Meemo. All six sticker packs will run you the normal $1.99 each. Check them out below and let us know what you think about them in the comments!



IMG_20150203_125506 IMG_20150203_125513 IMG_20150203_125519 IMG_20150203_125529 IMG_20150203_125538 IMG_20150203_125546