Talk2Watch Pro gets updated adds caller ID support and the Pebble app store

It has been a biot of time since we have seen an update for Talk2Watch Pro. This update brings the version to and adds caller ID support and access to the Pebble appstore. I have been using it with a combination of two applications Talk2Watch and the official Pebble app. Now with access to the Pebble app store there is no need to have the Android version on your device!
What’s new?

  • App store integration
  • Install watchfaces and firmware updates
  • Execute javascript watchfaces/-apps (not all will work but many of them)
  • App bank, app locker
  • Sports mode is working again


  • caller id
  • send sms/emails from the watch



  • Account filter
  • Notification time is the same as on the BlackBerry


  • Account filter working again
  • ‘Mark as read’ function


  • Feed


  • Group messages cannot be read anymore with 10.3.1

This update also adds support for Javascript and and you can install files by going to Scripts Page -> Open Scripts Repository -> Share to T2W. There is even a handy User Guide within the applcation to help you get up and running.

Download the NerdBerry watch face for your Pebble smartwatch.You can Pick up Talk2Watch Pro in BlackBerry World for just $3.99.