BlackBerry, Samsung advance security partnership, services deal

BlackBerryand Samsung

As we know in recent weeks BlackBerry and Samsung have a partnership regarding Knox and have been frequently mentioned as possible merge partners, well on Sunday both announced the next phase which includes a service deal with Samsung Galaxy S6 perks.

At MWC15 both BlackBerry and Samsung will start to integrate Knox container and security platform with WorkLife by BlackBerry and SecuSUITE. This allows BlackBerry to offer enterprise tools through Samsung’s Business Services which is their answer to the Apple IBM partnership. This partnership was outlined with the launch of the S6.

For those of us in the dark on what WorkLife it does, it will allow KNOX to split mobile billing for personal and office use. This will allow companies to pay for all work related voice and Data useage. Carriers will activate and determine availability and also pricing for WorkLife.

As for SecuSUITE, a tool acquired in BlackBerry purchasing of Secusmart KNOX will receive tap proof voice and SMS. This will give the Samsung Galaxy S6 the ability to use Secusmart Security Cards, allowing end to end encryption thought the BES 12 service. SecuSUITE should be ready and available for use by fall 2015.

The big win for BlackBerry here is the service deal with Samsung and also they seem to be forging ahead with offering get more enterprise software, and gamble I hope really gets traction ( personal opinion) which will allow more growth and cash flow in the future.