Check out the BlackBerry Glide

As we wait for more information on the recently shown off BlackBerry Slider device, Dylan Habkirk has created some great renderings of what has been dubbed the BlackBerry Glide. This slider device is a concept based on the image that has been show off on the interwebs from MWC.

These renderings are really close to the real deal. Check them out below and let us know what you think about the BlackBerry Glide in the comments.

BlackBerry-Glide-3 BlackBerry-Glide-2BlackBerry-Glide  BlackBerry-Glide-4


Via: BlackBerryCentral

  • waderx

    I was/am a slider Torch (OS 7) user. In fact was waiting on an (OS 10) upgrade from BB. It has such a good touch screen with the cursor that I rarely ever used the keyboard. I did find it useful for deleting multiple emails and entering those classic shortcuts. The letters are just too small for all but the daintiest of all fingers. I gave up waiting over Christmas and ordered a black Passport from BB. I found that three rows of tactile keys are sufficient for most text entering. It would make more sense to sliding them out of the way vertically or horizontally to make room for a larger screen (which I really don’t miss either). Those old horizontal sliders were/are useful for texting. I DO miss my cursor and one thumb operation, but don’t miss the wonky OS. In fact I still miss my lighted BB pearl. Although I work for the state of Georgia, I was never issued one, so I never associated the blinking BB with work.

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