300 copies of AutoPlay MediaPlayer now available!

Bumblebee Computing reached out to us to let us know that they wanted to offer our readers 300 copies of AutoPlay MediaPlayer for BlackBerry 10. AutoPlay is a feature-rich and intuitive media player built native for BlackBerry 10. Please be sure to thank Bumblebee Computing on Twitter @BumblebeeComput You can check out the application details below as well as the promo code.

AutoPlay mode:
Provides the ability to automatically play videos one after another. This is perfect for plugging in your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ into an HD TV and enjoy playback of a series of videos without the hassle of manually selecting the next one after a video finishes. This also great for presentations at work where you can plug-in your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ into a projector and play a series of related videos one after another. Another great use is for kids cartoons to watch during a long road trip with no need for mom and dad to manually select the next video!

Additionally, there are shuffle and a repeat single play modes that adds to the utility and convenience of the player.

It also incorporates an auto-bookmarking feature that allows you to keep track of where you left off in a video without clumsily needing to manually having to remember and fast-forwarding back to where you were. Better yet, when you close the app and then open it again, it will bring you back to exactly where you were — perfect for resuming your movie exactly where you left off!

Intuitive gestures:
Navigate through your videos with ease using intuitive gestures: double tap to toggle full-screen; swipe left for next video; swipe right for previous; quickly scroll through list of videos using a velocity sensitive flick gesture; single tap on viewing area to toggle play/pause

Wide variety of formats supported:
It uses the same codec as the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ and can play the same rich set 1080p HD video formats including mp4, mov, f4v, avi (aac audio), mkv (aac audio), wmv, 3gp, 3g2, asf, and m4v (non-DRM). Because it uses the same codec, if the native video app does not play a video, AutoPlay will also not be able to play it.

Dynamic playlists:
It provides the ability to search through your files and create a dynamic playlist based on the results; for example, if you have 100 files, and you want to see only the ones with ‘glee’ in the title, enter ‘glee’ in the search box. The results will be filtered to only files matching ‘glee’ in the title and auto sorted so that successive files named ‘glee’ will be ordered. This makes it easy to dynamically generate a playlist and then autoplay a season worth of episodes in the expected sequence!

“My Favorites” Playlist:
A built-in “My favorites” playlist is provided that allows you the ability to quickly add videos to a customized list and play in continuous mode

And there’s more:
-Top-bezel swipe to lock controls: Perfect for kids to watch videos uninterrupted by accidental screen touches that pause the video.
-Delete video ability: Easily delete a video you no longer want to watch.

It’s feature rich, and so easy to use!

*Important Note*: During the first loading of this app, you will be asked to allow this app to access your local files (because it’s a local video player). Please accept the permission request so that this app can find your local files.

If you like it, please support this app by adding a good review! If have a concern or need support, please email bumblebeecomputing@gmail.com. We will get back to you quickly. This is much more effective for us to address the issue than to leave a negative review :-). If we cannot resolve your issue to your satisfaction, we will gladly give you a full refund.

Swipe down from the top and click “Redeem” then use code “AUTOPLAYPROMO” to get your very own copy of AutoPlay MediaPlayer for BlackBerry 10!

Head on over to BlackBerry World to grab your copy today!

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    Thank you NerdBerry and Bumble Bee Computing for the promo code 🙂