BlackBerry’s first Android-powered device is rumored to be the BlackBerry ‘Prague’

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing about how BlackBerry may or may not be working on an Android powered BlackBerry device. According to a brand new rumor the first ever Android powered BlackBerry device is codenamed the BlackBerry “Prague”. The BlackBerry “Prague” will not be a flagship device as originally thought it will instead be a low-end device geared to emerging markets.

The BlackBerry “Prague” is said to rock a full touchscreen and be similar to the BlackBerry Z3. The rumored release date is currently set for August of 2015, which is way before the rumored launch date for the BlackBerry Venice slider. Keep in mind that this is currently just a rumor and until BlackBerry states differently treat it like a grain of salt. One thing to note is the fact that BlackBerry will not stop supporting BlackBerry 10 as they just announced BlackBerry OS 10.3.3.


Source: N4BB