A look at the BlackBerry Classic from Reuben

Huge thanks to Reuben aka @jew4blackberry for sending this one in!

I know, I know. It’s probably too late for a review like this but it must be done. The BlackBerry Classic has got to be one of my favorite BlackBerry’s to date. I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with it and it reminds me of my BlackBerry Bold days.

The BlackBerry Classic brings back familiar features and is a fantastic addition to BlackBerry’s portfolio. Those who feel that the BlackBerry Passport is too quirky or “square” will enjoy the Classic especially if they are coming from the 9900 series. BlackBerry heard current BlackBerry users and delivered with a device to make the transition easier to BlackBerry 10. The Classic had the original toolbelt which includes end and send buttons for picking up and ending calls. It had a menu button and a back button for going back in an app (if you’re on the active frame screen, it will close the app you currently selected).


  • 2515 mAh battery (Up to 22 hours battery life)
  • 3.5” touch display
  • OS 10.3.1
  • 8MP rear camera / 2MP front facing camera
  • Support for Android apps and games from Amazon app store
  • 16GB memory internal (expandable to 128GB)

For me, it brought back memories of the BlackBerry Bold but much better and faster. It comes with the BlackBerry App World and Amazon App store where you can download and install your favorite apps.



We compared the (Red) BlackBerry Passport side by side so you can differences.


Shoot me a comment below and tell me if you have the Classic already or thinking about getting one. I’m digging the Blue and might grab one.

  • dana

    I tried one out for a couple of weeks and I loved the keyboard and battery life