Official Angry Birds Game’s Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

Rovio’s Angry Birds has finally been released for the BlackBerry PlayBook! Angry Birds: The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake! Dish out revenge on the pigs who stole the Birds’ eggs. Use the unique destructive powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the pigs’ fortifications! Angry Birds Seasons: Celebrate the seasons with Angry Birds! Angry […]


Spotify for BlackBerry available now

We are excited to let you know that our BlackBerry app is no longer a Preview release and is now available to any user with a compatible phone. To download the app simply point the browser on your phone to and follow the installation instructions.

Lagunex Domino Now Available in App World – BBM Connected App

You can play alone or invite up to three more friends from you BlackBerry® Messenger 6.0 contacts to play with you. The game is played in teams. It ends when a team reaches 100 points. If you can’t invite three friends, the computer will fill the remaining seats so you don’t have to worry of […]

New Sprint Promo: FontManager

Be FONTastic! Manage fonts easy! Bring phone customization to a new level with thousands of free fonts accessible on Internet. Bored with the good old fonts? Why not make your phone attractive as it deserves to be? With FontManager you can easily install new fonts and change the look-and-feel of your beloved phone. FontManager is […]

BBHTool Updated to v2.4.9.4 – Now OS 7.1 Compatibility and Offers Android APK Converter

@theiexplorers has updated their BBHTool to v2.4.9.4! This tool is likely the best BlackBerry program available for FREE! Hit the break to see what new!

Wikitude voted Best Augmented Reality Browser 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, Wikitude was announced the “Best Augmented Reality Browser” in 2011 by the readers of Augmented Planet today. This is a great triumph for Wikitude as the AR platform holds this title for the third year in a row. Each year, the leading international Augmented Reality (AR) blog Augmented Planet […]

SocialScope Gets Updated to v0.9.6.36

SocialScope has been updated to v0.9.6.36. At this time there is no change log available, except OS 7.1 is now supported.

BlackBerry Traffic Updated to v3.0.0.389 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone – Change Log Included!

BlackBerry Traffic has been updated to v3.0.0.389 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

If You Have Purchased or Upgraded to BeBuzz 5 on or Before December 31st You Can Get a FREE Copy of BerryPopup!

Our buddies over at BBE noticed that if you have purchased or upgraded to BeBuzz 5 on or before December 31st, 2011 you are eligible for a free copy of our app BerryPopup (a $4.99 value)! To obtain your new license code please enter your e-mail address and current BeBuzz 5 activation code below.

Evernote Gets An Update To v3.4.364, Lots Of Updates

Evernote has been updated to v3.4.364. This is the Blackberry smartphone version. What’s the changelog? * adds notebook filter. – adds comment a rich text note. * adds delete, edit or send note from note list (long press).

BlackBerry Bridge Gets Updated to v1.0.7.5

BlackBerry Bridge has been updated in the BlackBerry App World to v1.0.7.5! According to the update there is a bug where the “add new tablet” button doesn’t show up on some devices.

Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to v3.5

Foursquare for BlackBerry has been updated a second time this month, this time to v3.5! This update brings bug fixes and improvements over all.

RssDemon News and Podcast Reader Launched for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

I have used RssDemon on my Android device for a long time now and I must say it is one of the best RSS applications available. RssDemon has been released in the BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry PlayBook, the best part is it is free to download! RssDemon is a powerful, clean and easy […]

Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v2.1

Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v2.1! The latest update to Facebook® for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet – version 2.1 – launched today in the BlackBerry App World™ storefront, and I’m excited to share that it includes a much-requested feature from #TeamBlackBerry – Facebook Groups. That’s right, listening to and incorporating your feedback […]

Google Adds Gmail Scribbles to the BlackBerry PlayBook Browser

There is a new feature from Google called Scribbles in Gmail. Google started this with their iOS application and now have pushed it to the Gmail website. The Scribbles feature is now running on the PlayBook, iOS, and Android browsers.

Angry Pigs Gets Updated to v1.3.1 – Now Includes 108 Levels!

ULTIMATE ZOOMING(SCALING) FEATURE! 108 EXCITING LEVELS NOW! Pigs are angry – big bad Wolves chased little Piglets from their houses! Tiny Piglets didn’t have a choice but to find Pig warriors to get their homes and lands back. Time to revenge and strike back on those pesky hairy sneaky eared creatures! Each Pig has it’s […]

BeBuzz Gets Updated to v.5.0.17 – Changelog Included!

Just the other day we saw BeBuzz get updated to v5.0.14. This is the third update to the application in about one week! Hit the break for more!

QuickPull v5.1 Adds Support for BlackBerry OS 7 Devices but is it Necessary?

QuickPull has been updated to v5.1 which adds support for OS7 devices.

IM+ Updated to v10.0 Includes Beep Messaging Service!

Chat in MSN®/WLM, Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo!®, AIM®/iChat, ICQ®, Jabber®, MySpaceIM, VKontakte, Agent and Yandex Chat in one application. IM+ Pro is ad-free application, supporting IM Push mode and longer Skype session. Neighbors: find new friends nearby. Neighbors offers a new dimension of communication in IM+ by providing users the opportunity to find […]

FREE XWeather Free for BlackBerry Now In App World!

XWeatherFree is the fastest and the most accurate weather app for BlackBerry®.The Creator of beautiful curve of the temperature trend.Steady and smooth functions with accurate weather forecast.Keep up to 3 cities at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackpad or a swipe on your touchscreen.