SeaBattle SE – First Game to Release with BBM Social Platform Integration

A lot of Blackberry users have played Battleship growing up and now it has been adapted to work with your BlackBerry under the name of Sea Battle. This game operates similarly to how the classic does and also incorporates BBM 6 to play with other users across the BBM platform.  The only way that you […]


EA Games Giving Away a Custom BlackBerry PlayBook (US and Canada)

It looks like EA is going after all of the Facebook users with a contest for a custom PlayBook loaded with NFS undercover and some other goodies. The rules for the contest are here. Check it out and let us know what you think. Source

Video Demo: BBM and ScoreMobile

Mobile Link Demo of BBM social platform integration into the ScoreMobile for BlackBerry smartphones application at BlackBerry World 2011.

RIM: No BBM For Your Iphone Or Android

I was kind of looking forward to this one but I can understand why it’s not happening. RIM confirmed at Blackberry World that you won’t be seeing a BBM app on the IPhone or Android. It would have been cool to BBM people on other phone platforms but why give away what makes Blackberries so […]

BBM and Foursquare Video Demo

Mobile Link Foursquare developers Pete and Jeff provide a great demonstration of the upcoming foursquare for BlackBerry smartphones app integration with BBM Source


Kobo has announced some great new features for their ebook reader app. What’s New? Find out which of their BBM friends have the book(s) they’re considering buying Chat with friends in real-time about which books they have in common in their lifetime digital libraries Browse friends’ libraries to discover books that may be of interest […]

BlackBerry Messenger to support Foursquare!

RIM has announced the the new version of BlackBerry Messenger will natively support Foursquare. The Foursquare intergration with BBM will allow users to chat and share location info through BBM. This intergartion will only be supported through BlackBerry 7.I cannot wait to see the two applications work together.

BlackBerry Messenger updated to v5.0.3.22

With all of the news coming out of BlackBerry World 2011 we now have an official update for BBM to v5.0.3.22! Enhancements and Fixes: Simplified sending pictures and voice notes. Terms and simpler organization in the menus. Support for a list view of contacts more easily in a single line. Support the elimination of a […]

Video: BBM Teaser

Mobile Link

User Guide for Blackberry Messenger 6.0 Beta

This is a how-to guide on the new Blackberry Messenger 6. Since it’s an upgrade it comes with some new features. Check out the guide to see how to use them and what they are. BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Beta User Guide Source

BBM6 Now Available In Beta Zone

If you have been waiting for an official pre-release of the upcoming BlackBerry Messenger, now is your chance. For those of us enrolled in RIMs Blackberry Beta Zone, an early version of BBM6 is ready for testing.  If you are wondering what has been changed or updated in this version here are the key features and highlights; […]

No BBM via Blackberry Bridge for the Playbook

Well this one’s a bummer, but apparently only a temporary one.  So BBM won’t be available at launch but should be ready for download within the next few weeks.  It’s worth waiting for if it’s going to be fully functional right? Source

4 New BlackBerry India Commercials

Blackberry released 4 new videos on their youtube channel yesterday. Some interesting things have shown up in these videos, new BBM screens were seen in the videos so watch closely.

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 brings Some new looks and features

UPDATE: One of my good friends @BBMorDie pointed out to me that I missed a couple of features on this post (I hit post instead of save draft oopps): With BBM 6 you now ave the ability to draft a chat as well as send broadcast message prompts. With the leak of BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56 […]

Leaked: BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56

BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56 has been added to the leaked list.  BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.0.56 was pulled from BlackBerry 9850 and 9930 OS 6.1.  Download and install at your own risk!  BlackBerry Messenger is for only OS 6 users ONLY!

BBM NOT Headed to iOS App Store April 26th!

We told you earlier today about Rumor: BBM Headed to iOS App Store April 26th?!? Well CrackBerry was able to get a response from RIM about this rumor. Here is what RIM had to say: RIM did not hold a conference in Toronto this week and Jim Balsillie did not speak at any event in […]

Rumor: BBM Headed to iOS App Store April 26th?!?

Hmm, If this is true there will be a ton of happy people that use Apple’s iOS. We recently reported that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) headed to Android and iOS!?! On a post on Mac Rumors ForumRihanna stated: RIM had a Social Media conference today in Toronto, and my entire college business and marketing class was […]

BlackBerry Messenger updated to version

BlackBerry Messenger was updated to V today. You can download this thru App World. Some of the Highlights are: Simplified sending of pictures and voice notes More user-friendly wording and organization in menus Support for a simpler, one line view of contact list Support for both deleting an unsent chat message (Shift-Del) and escaping out […]

BBM Video Icon Shows Up On the BlackBerry PlayBook

The other day we told you about Rogers Launching the BlackBerry PlayBook April 19th! Well during that video the above photo was snapped and revealed a very nice feature “BBM Video.” You can see that BBM video is a separate application from BBM so we are not sure how the two apps will intermingle. Please […]