Purple/Pink Theme For The Ladies

Seeing as how purple and pink are my favorite colors, I honed right in on this theme. Simple but girlish, MMMOOO has made another classic theme that will make any girly girl happy. It is available for devices up to OS6. OS7 themes are not yet available. Get it for 99cents at our Nerdberry Store. […]


Make The Perfect Resume With Winning Resume App For Blackberry

Is your Resume missing something? Could it sound more professional? Winning Resume aims to help users out with providing tips and tricks on writing the perfect resume. The app comes with 5 sections. Features include learning about the layout and formatting, how to present your contact information, education/training, related experience and more.

Gems Catcher by MMMOOO Now Available

All of us that spent time in the arcades and the wonderful claw machines at the grocery store will be right at home playing Gems Catcher.  The basic background of the game is that you are stuck in a mine with a claw plucking the gems. As you can see from the image above, it […]

Flash Watch 2.0.1 for BlackBerry – Cool FREE Watch Skins by S4BB Limited

S4BB Limited has released a new application to allow you to add some cool skins to your clock. It is a very cool app not to mention everyones favorite price of FREE. Spice up your BlackBerry and get the timein a flashy way with Flash Watch. Inspired by the well known Tokyo Flash Watches, Flash […]

IOneStudioos Puts Out The Graffiti Theme For Blackberry

That spray can looks mighty angry. Check out this newly launched theme. It is colorful and has neat little icons. It is compatible with devices running OS5 and up. Theme description: Graffiti is for all of You who search amusing, funny, different and in the same time functional. It will entertain You with something new […]

Get XWeatherPro, Free From Our Nerdberry Store

XWeather Pro for Blackberry is the latest free weather app to download. Some features include multiple language support, O.S 4.7 + support, 6 day weather forecast, Celsius/Fahrenheit display and more. You can also have the current temperature and weather displayed in the background with a little icon.

Monte Carlo Solitaire Game, Get It Free For Your Blackberry OS6 And OS7 Device

Monte Carlo is not your standard Solitaire Game. Instead of playing using the various length of rows, you use a 5×5 grid.You also have to match pairs of the same rank that are touching one another (side by side, top and bottom, or diagonal) So it is a little trickier.

Rock Paper Scissors Game FREE for BlackBerry

Rock Paper Scissors  Shoot!!! Miss playing the classic game, well now you can on your favorite Blackberry device!  You could play this popular game with your friend or strangers anytime, anywhere! Log in and invite someone to compete with you no matter where is He/She if there on the Playbook or thier Blackberry Smartphone! More people, more fun! […]

Super Address Book – PRO Updated To v2.0.32

Today we got an update from Xobni that Super Address Book- PRO has been updated to v2.0.32 and there was a whole lot of updates! Get the app from our Nerdberry Store, on sale now for $1.99! Or download the free trial. What’s been updated and what is new?: New Features/Functionality • Free users can […]

Deal of the Day: Fixmo Tools v2.0.25 – Save 53%

  17 APPLICATIONS, UNLIMITED UTILITY Fixmo Tools 2.0 is like a utility belt for your smartphone, 17 conveniently packaged applications in one simple download. Backed by world class support and experienced mobile developers, Fixmo Tools is an essential application for BlackBerry users. NEW IN 2.0 � 6 NEW AMAZING APPS! Wifi File Transfer – Transfer […]

TuneIn Radio Pro Updated to v2.2

Tune Radio is a great radio app that lets you listen to over 40,000 radio stations from around the world on your BlackBerry. Whether you’re looking for music, news, sports, talk or anything else in between, you can find it with TuneIn. TuneIn has been updated to version 2.2 with the following changes: Fixed vanishing […]

Connect 4 for BlackBerry- Play against your BBM friends!

Connect 4 for BlackBerry was just released.  This is like the old connect 4 game we all played growning up.  Here are some of the features of the game: Play the game versus your BBM existed contacts or friends. Start offline game, two players can play against each other in a single device In-game chatting. […]

The NerdBerry Rewind! News you may have missed!

  We had a busy week last week below are some of the stories you may have missed! Ticketmaster for BlackBerry updated to v2.0.0.35 in BlackBerry Beta Zone BlackBerry Curve 9360 now available on Virgin Mobile Canada, and no bigger than a gnome at that! “Touch, Type, Together” comercial shows off the features of the […]

Text Message Backup backs up all your text messages to your email inbox

For those of you that need to back up all of your text messages for eternity, we got an app for that.   Text Message Backup does exactly what you think; it backs up all of the text messages on your device.  Here is the description from our NerdBerry Store. Do you use a huge email […]

BlackBook Updated to v4.0.0.109 with OS 7 Support & More!

BlackBook app has been updated this week to v4.0.0.109. In case you don’t know BlackBook lets users to hide any messages and contacts on your berry so your  friends can’t find them! The update is now at version 4 with the following new features:? BlackBerry OS 7 Compatible! Multiple Email Addresses for contacts Revamped App Interface HTML […]

SixTools updated to v1.5.16 with OS 7 Support

Sixtools was recently updated to V1.5.16 to include OS7 support.  For those of you that are familar with SixTools it is a multifuction program that allows users to change some of the different items on their device, as well as add additional short cuts with the buttons on the phone.  Some of the features are […]

Windows 7 Phone Theme for Blackberry Smartphone – FunOrama

Love your Blackberry but wish it had a little cooler look to it? A little cooler theme like the look of those othere Windows Phone 7 devices? Well FunOrama from Novemberagain has done just that and is bringing that look to your Blackberry Smartphone. This application allows you change your wallpaper and as well as the overall look of the theme that even gives your calender […]

Angry Farm on SALE in the NerdBerry Store! Save 50%!!!!

Just the other day Angry Farm was updated to v1.1.26 this update includes 80 new levels and support for BlackBerry 7. Today we are happy to announce that Angry Farm is on sale in the NerdBerry Store for only $2.49! What is Angry Farm you ask? The Farmer is away and the farm has been […]

SNAPPY Screenshot Application by BGT

Stuart at BerryGoodThemes contacted us today and let us know that they have released their 1st application today!  SNAPPY is a screenshot application that does exactly what you would think.  The biggest difference to SNAPPY is the fun/entertainment factor that it adds to the end users expeirence. A little monster pops up every time that […]

Edit Pictures On Your Blackberry With A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor

It’s hard to find decent photo editing apps on the Blackberry. A+ Pictures Effects and Photo Editor has a ton of editing features and best of all, it’s FREE! Head over to our Nerdberry Store to get the download. Hit the break for the full App Description