BlackBerry 7 Devices will remain themeless until mid 2012

Now this is some truly bad news to end the day with.  During a recent interview with RIM’s new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, revealed the time frame for an update to the Theme Studio software to allow developers to make themes for BlackBerry 7 devices.  Sadly it appears that we will have […]


HedoneDesign Release’s “Wave” Blackberry Theme

HedoneDesign makes some great themes and today we are going to take a look at thier latest product, HedoneDesign Wave theme for your BlackBerry smartphone device. Till second November you can get this theme for 4.99 USD only! Just put it in your shopping cart from our Nerdberry App Store and discount will be applied automatically!

HD Red Glow Theme for Blackberry Smartphones

Hd Red Glow is a cool looking theme to give your Blackberry some cool 3D featured, Red icons. It is a simple and unique them and best of all you can get this theme from our Nerdberry App Store. Features include:

Former RIM VP Tyler Lessard Joins Fixmo as Chief Marketing Officer

In the past few months we have seen several RIM VP’s leave the company to pursue other avenues.  One such VP is Tyler Lessard who was the VP of Global Alliances and Developer Relations, who has now taken a position at Fixmo as their Chief Marketing Officer.

Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification” at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 speaker Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification”.

BlackBerry Theme Engines Broken due to Liquid Graphics

As many of you know I am a die hard BlackBerry theme fanboy, as of today RIM has yet to release or speak about Theme Builder 7 and we all wonder why…. Well @StephenBB81, sent a tweet to Alec Saunders Research In Motion’s new VP of Developer Relations. Stating, “How are the developer relations going […]

Free Ubuntu Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones

I love themes and yes we here at Nerdberry got a little excited about this one. Ok this one maybe for the true Nerds out there, want a cool FREE theme for your Blackberry Smartphone based of the Linux Operating System? Well Unbutu is just for you and you can get this theme from our […]

Theme Review: Flying Witch Halloween Theme

With Halloween just around the corner, I like many am planning to be festive with costumes and the best part candy! Well how about a nice theme to give your favorite sweet Blackberry a “costume” for the holiday. Well Walker Themes gives you just that with the Flying Witch Halloween animated theme. This is a simple […]

Save 10% off All Apps in the NerdBerry Store! – Today through October 16th!!!

With all of the BES and BIS issues plaguing us right now we thought it would awesome if we have a sale in the NerdBerry Store! Today through October 16th, we are offering 10% off all apps in the store!!! Use code Nerdy in the app store and save 10% off your purchase! This code […]

Tribute to Steve Jobs Theme for Blackberry Smartphone

Steve Jobs was a great man. And although I personally don’t have any iDevices, I can respect a true genius. And with that you can tribute to Steve Jobs theme for your Blackberry Device from Adastra Communications. This is a great looking theme with unique wallpapers and call screen for your Blackberry Smartphone. And you can download this theme from our Nerdberry Store with the […]

ToonLand Theme For Blackberry Torch 9800, Colorful And Free For Download

This theme features colorful characters and even a sun/moon that indicates the battery meter and a star for wifi strength. Get the free theme from our Nerdberry Store.

Haunted House by BerryGoodThemes

Are you looking for an simple yet attractive Halloween theme for your BlackBerry? Well look no further with Haunted House by BerryGoodThemes that is what you will get! The theme is available for all BlackBerry 6 devices

New Milestone for BlackBerry App World!

The BlackBerry App World has hit a milestone! What is that milestone you may ask.. Well App World now has 45,000+ items now available for download!

FunOrama Theme- Makes Your Blackberry Look Like A Windows 7 Phone

Like the Windows 7 home screen layout but don’t want the phone itself? FunOrama allows you to set your wallpaper and the icons set themselves. I really like that you can change the individual images on each button for a different look.

Viva Blackberry Theme From MMMOOO

Viva is a creative theme with a unique sliding tiles, including a weather slot asw well as transparent effects included in the theme. And you can grab this them from our Nerberry store! Creative Slide SVG, each SVG include a unique effects; Premium technology sense; Transparent and dedicate design in each details Lily-Style layout from MMMOOO Download Viva […]

Fruits and Ninja Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Fruits and Ninja is a popular take on Fruit Ninja for the PlayBook! Fruits and Ninja – slice your way to the top ranks of Juicy Ninjas! Beware of bombs, unlock hidden achievements! Fruit or berry – turn it into tiny pieces!

What’s In Store For DevCon Americas 2011?

We all know that DevCon Americas 201will take place in San Francisco and will run from October 18th to the 20th. The BlackBerry Developer’s Blog has put a nice list together of what you can expect while at DevCon this year. Check out what’s in store for all that attend!

Download the NerdBerry and AndroidNerds Native BlackBerry App Today Thanks to @Joe_Mobi

Earlier today we told you about JoeMobi and how it will help you make a custom BlackBerry app for your WordPress blog. Well we wanted to try it out for ourselves, We have created two applications that are ready for download now!

‘Live’ Xbox Dashboard like Theme from Smarter Themes for Blackberry Smartphones

I have been looking for an Xbox 360 like theme for quite sometime and Smarter Themes has released a new theme called “Live” It looks currently like a windows 8 theme, which is based on the currently unreleased Xbox live dashboard update for 2011. Live is a stunning new theme, designed around a multi panel […]

5 New Premium Themes from Motek Mobile

Motek has made some cool apps for Blackberry, heard of Tweeker or Screen Muncher well now they have made some very nice premium themes that are definitely worth checking out. Hit the break to check them out from our Nerdberry Store!