Slacker Radio for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.2.12

Slacker Radio for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.2.12 in the BlackBerry App World. At this time there is currently no change log available for this update. If you see anything new please feel free to let us know in the comments! Listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker stations on your […]

Review: iShieldz Screen Protector For PlayBook

Most PlayBook users have either purchased a screen protector for their PlayBook or are in the market for a screen protector.  There are may different options that are available for users when it comes to these protectors, between the static cling units and the adhesive variety, personally I prefer the adhesive versions.

Confirmed: BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE Coming Soon, Finally!?

With the announcement of the first fiscal quarter earnings call, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins has confirmed that they are going to release the 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook devices. Heins said the LTE PlayBooks are currently in final testing with carriers and that we can expect a launch “in the near future.” This is welcoming news with the unimpressive announcement that Blackberry 10 devices […]

Compass for PlayBook Updated to v2.0.6

Compass By mappau OG has been updated to v2.0.6 in the BlackBerry App World. This is the first magnetic compass written natively for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. It does not use GPS (no movement necessary to get a correct direction), instead the Magnetometer is used.

Poker Reels for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v1.1.9

Poker Reels for BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v1.1.9 in App World. If you are like me and like to gamble a bit you will be completely happy with this new “video poker” game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Poker Reels is a cross between Video Poker and a slot machine. Game play is similar […]

Keep Up with the Fuzzies, with Fuzzy Cubes Game for the Blackberry Playbook!

Mobile Link I love playing games on my Blackberry Playbook and in my freetime, Fuzzy Cubes from Workhorse Bytes definitely keeps me busy! This is a great fun game think of a cross between tetris and a rubix-cube! Fuzzy Cubes is the fantastically fantastic 3D puzzle game following the hazardous adventures of the Fuzzies. Play through 40 […]

Blackberry App Development Workshop 2012: Adobe Air Developement for Blackberry!

PinoyBBDev has just announce the new Blackberry App Development Workshops for 2012. The first one starting off with Adobe Air Developement for Blackberry — Presented by PinoyBBDev and Globe Labs these Workshops will continue to run for the months of July and August hit the jump to get all the details!

Slacker Launches Lifestyle Stations with ABC Radio

Slacker has announce today the launch of new personalized lifestyle station for its listeners for both Men and Women in conjunction with ABC Radio. Both stations can be customized and personalized allowing Slacker listeners to control the content they receive based on its relevancy to them. “Our new lifestyle stations capture the most interesting content for men […]

WordPress for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Small Bump to v2.1.3

WordPress for the BlackBerry PlayBook has received a small update to version 2.1.3 in App World. This update is so small that At this time there are no change logs available for this update. So one can safely assume that this update is just for some bug fixes at this time.

The Playbook Makes An Appearance In A Behind The Scenes Video

The video is actually a behind the scenes of a McDonalds shoot. It basically shows the pretty food in the commercials is not the stuff you get to eat. Mmmm cheeseburger. Anyway, the Playbook makes an appearance in the video when McDonald’s Director of Marketing for McDonald’s Canada Hope Bagozz shows up and uses it […]

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Registration Opens More Spots in Asia!

Nerd fans if you have yet to register for your spot for BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Asia Pacific well youre in luck a few more spots just opended up with seats in Bangalore (July 2), Delhi (July 4), and Jakarta (July 10).So if you have yet to get your spot in the Jam Tour, Hurry up and […]

Get the ChillTab 2 for Your BlackBerry PlayBook for Only $29.99 – Sale Runs Until July 1st!

  Mobile LinkJust last week we were able to take a look at ChillTab2 from ChillBed Industries. The ChillTab2 retails for $34.99, but from now until July 1st you can pick it up for only $29.99 with a bit cheaper shipping costs! Head on over to ChillBed and pick up your ChillTab2 for your PlayBook […]

The Economist comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

While the browser on the BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely top-notch, it is always nice to use a tailored app to check out sites like The Economist.  The Economist app is now in AppWorld for the PlayBook and it provides access to weekly selection of the current week’s articles.  Now you don’t get full access to the […]

FREE Game: Poker Reels for BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are like me and like to gamble a bit you will be completly happy with this new “video poker” game for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Poker Reels is a cross between Video Poker and a slot machine. Game play is similar to Video Poker, but the presentation uses hi-res card images on a set […]

Gravity Lab will be Released for the PlayBook in a few Weeks

Physics games are starting to take hold in today’s gaming world.  One of the most famous games would be “Cut the Rope”  this game is available for the PlayBook via the android player.  Another game that uses the physics will be Gravity Lab.  Hit the break for more information regarding this game.

Bounce the Bunny on your Blackberry Playbook!

What’s better than watching bunnies fly through the air, smack against bubbles and obstacles, and bounce away? Nothing! You can do all this and more in Bounce the Bunny from END Games. Create magical bubbles to propel your rabbit along and help him reach his destination.

RIM’s Blackberry 10 Inspires a New Generation of Developers

With the new release of the Blackberry SDK for the Blackberry 10 platform, RIM has really been pushing for development, the relationship between RIM and Developer has made thing easier for both parties. At the BlackBerry 10 Jam software developer conference in Toronto Thursday, Martyn Mallick, vice-president of global alliances and business Development at Research […]

Get a Refurb 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for Only $150 ONE DAY ONLY!!!

Here is the best deal of the day! is offering a refurbished 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for only $150! The refurb PlayBook comes in a retail box with a 90 day warranty. not a bad deal if you ask me.

Magellan Compass Maps Updated to v3.1.1

Magellan Compass Maps for the Blackberry Playbook, probably one of the best GPS Maps for the Playbook, that even does voice turn by turn direction,  has been updated to version 3.1.1! This update is to correct some reported issues of the cache stopping to download files.  It seems that some map tiles are “incorrect” from the server and […]

And It’s Back! Evernote For The Playbook Is Fixed And Ready For Download

A few weeks back we let you know that there was a beta test for the Evernote for Playbook app. Now the app has been put back into Blackberry App World and is fixed! Bug fixes, improved stability and new features were added to the v1.3.0 update.