BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Insert the SIM Card, Battery & Media Card: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Get started with your new BlackBerry® Z10 by inserting the SIM card and media card, and learn how to remove the battery.


BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Viewing Pictures: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy viewing pictures on your BlackBerry® Z10, with slideshow and Play On features, easy sharing and customizable views.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Account Setup: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Add your email and social accounts to your BlackBerry® Z10 and find out how to sync them.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Watching Videos: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Enjoy watching videos on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone. Adjust the video size, use the volume buttons for easy listening and share it.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Video Editor: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Use the video editor on your BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone to adjust the length of your video, enhance colors and more.

BlackBerry’s Official How To Demo: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connections: BlackBerry Z10

Mobile Link Connect your new BlackBerry® Z10 to a Wi-Fi® network and enable your Bluetooth® connections.

Wmode Launches Latest Version of Velocity Enterprise Platform, with Introductory Product Suite, at BlackBerry’s BB10 Enterprise Forums

CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Marketwire – Feb. 20, 2013) – Wmode is pleased to unveil the latest version 2.1 of the Velocity Enterprise Platform at the upcoming BlackBerry Experience Forums. Presenting at the BlackBerry Enterprise Forums being held in Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, Wmode will showcase the innovative Velocity Enterprise tool and its introductory app […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Tower Defense Game Released for BlackBerry 10

11 Bit Studios has released their new Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Tower Defense Game for the BlackBerry Z10.  The game is a tower defense game with the roles flipped as you are attacking the tower instead of defending it.  There are two versions that have been released the original Anomaly Earth and the sequel Anomaly […]

BlackBerry Updates Print to Go for PC’s to v2.0.110

I love it! BlackBerry is really on the ball constantly rolling out updated for a ton of applications for BlackBerry 10. Today BlackBerry released an update to their Print to Go for PC’s. This update takes the version to 2.0.110. There is no word of a change log for this update at this time so […]

Tongue’s John Du Vernet Hired as BlackBerry’s Australian Marketing Director

A few months back there was a campaign that was ran in Australia called the “Wake Up” campaign that was developed and implemented by Tongue.  The man behind the campaign was John Du Vernet and he has been appointed as the Marketing Director for BlackBerry’s Australia market.

The Oregon Trail American Settler Now Available for FREE in BlackBerry World for the Z10

If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s the you will remember playing Oregon Trail on the PC. Back then we were not that lucky to have colored screens so if my memory serves me right the screen was all white or green. Back then Oregon Trail was the game to play in […]

OtterBox Case for BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Now Available

FORT COLLINS, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) announced the availability of the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone – a power-packed device featuring the new BlackBerry® 10 operating system, large all-touch display interface and a host of impressive features. To coincide with this extension of the BlackBerry brand, OtterBox® now offers trusted Defender Series® protection.

Spotify rumored to be coming to BlackBerry 10

If you are a fan of streaming music then I am sure you are familiar with Spotify.  It is one of the apps that we were hoping was going to come to BlackBerry 10, and today there are some new rumors about just that.  According to Niko over at N4BB, he has seen a pre-release […]

BlackBerry Link Updates For Window And Mac

BlackBerry Link was updated for Windows and Mac OS users. The versions were updated to v1.0.0.94 on Mac and v1.0.0.76 on Windows respectively. This update fixes the problem that arose from transferring data from a previous BlackBerry smartphone to a new BlackBerry Z10. They have also added in the capability to reload your OS.

Porting Qt Applications To BlackBerry 10 Guide Released

BlackBerry has released a guide to making it easier to port Qt apps over to BlackBerry 10. So if you are a developer who has Qt apps written in C/C++/ QML/JavaScript and want your app on the BlackBerry 10 platform or want to write new Qt C++, QML and/or JavaScript code for BlackBerry 10, then […]

BlackBerry 10 UI Breakdown–Rebuilding the User Experience for Next-Gen, Gesture Based OS

BlackBerry 10 represents a complete departure from older BlackBerrys. The company, formerly known as Research In Motion, has completely taken on the brand identity BlackBerry, and has done away with the old company–a symbolic way of putting down the giant that was RIM which brought them from 1984-2013. In term, a reflective way for them […]

Google Reader client “The Reader” now available for BlackBerry 10

Many BlackBerry Z10 owners have been searching for a good RSS reader app in BlackBerry World.  There are a few gems in BlackBerry World, but many of them are a little sub-par.  Makes of the Neatly Twitter client, F16apps, have just release The Reader.  The Reader is a very nice and clean Google Reader client […]

Deck out your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone with Screamager!

Turn your BlackBerry 10 Phone or PlayBook into an awesome LED matrix screen and show scrolling messages  and cool animations in many different colors and screen styles. The hit application for PlayBook and BB10, redesigned from the ground up for BlackBerry 10. Attract attention with scrolling text in many different styles, colors and fonts. Use the mirror […]

Neatly for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with lots of new features

If you are not a fan of the native Twitter client for BlackBerry 10, then you may have already given Neatly a try.  It is a great alternative that provides you with many of the features the native client is missing.  Today Neatly for BlackBerry 10 received a big update that includes some new features, […]

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 gets updated to v10.0.0.45

The native Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 has received an update today.  This latest update brings the version up to, however there is no change log as of yet.  Hopefully we will start to see some drastic improvements to the native Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 as it is not what we would call […]