BBM Apps Hackathon videos show off developer stories

RIM has been doing a lot with the Hackathon events lately, and allowing the developers to show off all of the cool and upcoming things that they have been working on as of late.  RIM released a few different videos showcasing the stories of some of the developers that have been involved in the hackathon […]


RIM Explains Platform Strategy Including Lack of BlackBerry Java on BBX Platform

RIM stated at DevCon last week that the upcoming BlackBerry platform named BBX will not support Java.  Alec Saunders, VP of Dev Relations and Ecosystem Development, released a statement detailing the reasoning behind to lack of Java support on the BBX platform.

Video Round up from DevCon 2011!

Wikitude at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011: Interview with Martin Herdina

Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification” at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011 speaker Jane McGonigal on gaming and “gamification”.

BackBreaker Gets Demo On the BlackBerry PlayBook

We have seen alot of new games released and or coming to the Blackberry Playbook from DevCon. And RIM is really pushing the envelope with BackBreaker! This is a very popular game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, and iOS. I really have enjoyed playing this game and can’t wait to have it on my Playbook, the graphics […]

Video: Crackberry Kevin Shares Insight on RIMpire

We are very excited about all of the news that is coming about from RIM, and with news and applications and games coming to the Playbook and soon to be the new BBX platform. One can only imagine, and see just where RIM is taking all of the new focus on the Playbook. Think about […]

Radar Shown On Playbook Using The USB + Quick Video

TAT BlackBerry PlayBook Demo at DevCon showcases the power of the Playbook using USB on the go. With the USB connected, the Playbook is capable of showing a radar map. hit the break for the video

Aman Manik from Box on Multi-platform Development and Cloud Storage

Interview with Aman Manik from Box about the Box from BlackBerry PlayBook app and the development realities of tablets and cloud storage at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011.

Interview with Seth Hitchings from Evernote at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011

Interview with Seth Hitchings from Evernote Corporation about Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook at BlackBerry DevCon 2011.

Interview with Chris Fleck – How the Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry PlayBook Will Impact Business

Interview with Chris Fleck, VP of Mobile Solutions at Citrix, about the recently released Citrix® Receiver for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, at BlackBerry DevCon Americas 2011.

Cut The Rope Demoed On the BlackBerry PlayBook -Angry Birds on the Way?

There have been so many games to come and on the way to the Blackberry Playbook. Rovio popular maker of the Angry Birds game demos the Cut the Rope game at DevCon today. And once again the graphics look stunning, it is great knowing such apps and games are on the way to the Blackberry […]

Salesforce HTML5 App Demo Adds Groupon and Salesforce Getting BBM Social

We told you earlier today, that the Blackberry Playbook with its new BBX update comes about new HTML5 mobile applications. Well it seem that Salesforce is already getting an early start. They gave us a preview of their new application running in the Playbook browser and it looks great. They also included Groupon and BBM integration so you can go […]

BlackBerry Android App Player Shows Improvements

We have seen leaked images of Blackberry Playbook update 2.o before. And, a few weeks ago we were granted the oportunity of getting a leaked version of the Android app player onto our Blackberry Playbook. The App Player was very technical and once it was loaded using some applications were great! And then when the […]

Native SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS General Availability Release

When I made my app for the PlayBook it was a very interesting experience.  From setting up my PC to the programing to the packaging and signing.  Each step very critical to work.  At the time, there were only two way to develop; Java and Adobe AIR.  Now it looks like they will be adding […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 screenshots from DevCon 2011 Keynote

The new OS 2.0 looks to be a bit different visually but seems like the functionality is still still here with the powerful QNX.  PocketBerry has gotten some screen shots of the new Blackberry PlayBppk 2.0.  Hit the break to see the screenshots.

Press Release:Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash apps Will Run On BBX

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the BBX discussion, further info had to be investigated. And yes, Android Player Apps And Adobe AIR/Flash Apps Will run on the new BBX OS. hit the break for more info

Video: The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) demos New Apps for BlackBerry Tablet OS (BBX)

TAT, The Astonishing Tribe was acquired by RIM and with the future of Blackberry Tablet OS which powers Blackberry Playbook and then new BBX OS. At DevCon Americas keynote TAT shows off even more applications that shall be soon available on the Blackberry Playbook. Check out the video!

PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta Download Is Available Today To Developers

With the announcement of Playbook OS2 today, there is probably a lot of developers wanting to get their hands on the beta version. Well, with the announcement of the OS comes a download only available to developers who register.

RIM Shares How BlackBerry Devs Make Money in App World

RIM has shared some information at BlackBerry DevCon. Dr. Ronjon Nag, Vice President of Blackberry App World, gives stats from Blakcberry App World. Many of which we already knew, he stated that %13 of Blackberry Devloper make over $100,000 from the World of apps, which is considerably more than Android or Apple in which only 1% do. Hit the jump for a […]

Research In Motion Intros HTML5 Push WebGL 3D for Blackberry PlayBook Browser

RIM is focus on the future. And with HTML5 the new internet standard, RIM is making its devices including BB6, BB7 and PlayBook and future BBX devices HTML5 applications the standard as well. RIM included the showing of WebGL (OpenGL) the power of 3D gaming on the Blackberry Playbook. Hit the jump for more photos.