Rogers to Carry the Torch 9800 in White

The rumor mill has started early this week. According to a source of The Berry Fix Rogers will be exclusively carrying the new Torch 9800 in white as well as the standard black. This comes as no surprise as Rogers is pretty much the only Canadian carrier to carry the 9700, 9000, and the 8520 […]


Leaked: Device Simulator for the Blackberry Clamshell 9670

Have yo ubeen looking for the Blackberry Clamshell 9670? Well the folks over at BB Leaks found the device  simulator floating around. Are you a developer or a hybrid builder? You may find this device simulator version to your Liking. Download 9670 device simulator: RapidShare MegaUpload DepositFiles HotFile zShare Uploading NOTE: This is an unofficial RIM […]

Who is going to carry the Blackberry Bold 9780?

The guys over at Driphter have brought us some more photos of the Bold 9780! They are also shedding some light on who is going to carry the device.. We all know it is a GSM Device and we can all assume it will go to all of the major carriers. The Blackberry Bold 9780 running […]

RIM Tablet Shipping In November??

So more rumored info has come out regarding the Blackberry Tablet. This new device has been rumored to be named the “Blackpad” however there is nothing out to validate the name as of yet. It is rumored that the tablet will be shipping as early as November of this year and be priced at $499. […]

Telus to Launch Torch 9800 on September 16th??

According to a tip that the guys over at The Berry Fix received it looks like Telus is getting close to launching the Torch 9800, and a release date of September 16th has been mentioned. Rogers Wireless will most likely be the first carrier in Canada to release the 9800, but those on Telus and […]

Leaked Photos: Bold 9780 with Silver Bezel

Well the guys over at Driphter are at it again today with the leaked photos of a Blod 9780! All of the photos to date have shown the 9780 with a gun metal bezel, Today it is shown with a silver bezel just like the 9700.. This device is running a higher OS ( than […]

Blackberry 9800 for AT&T Gets FCC Approval Just in Time

As all you Blackberry lovers know, today is a very big day for RIM. They are having a press conference in NYC and are most likely going to be unveiling Blackberry 6 and the new 9800 Slider. Luckily the FCC approval for the 9800 on AT&T has just gone through, and not a moment too […]

Blackberry Tablet to Launch by End of Year??

A new rumor surrounding the “BlackPad”, or whatever you want to call the Blackberry tablet, has come out. According to some sources for Bloomberg the tablet may launch with Verizon by the end of 2010. The rumors are that the tablet will have dual cameras to facilitate video conferencing. Research In Motion Ltd., maker of […]

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Running OS6 on video again!

[Click Here to Watch on Mobile Device] What do you like more, the gun metal bezel or the regular chrome bezel? Here are the current specs we know: 624Mhz Processor 512MB flash RAM OS (possible launch build) 480×360 Resolution Screen TFT, 65k Colors 5.0 MP Camera with LED Flash Trackpad GSM / UMA / HSPA+? Bluetooth […]

BlackBerry Bold 9650 coming to nTelos!

We just recieved word that the BlackBerry Bold 9650 will be coming to nTelos.  We don’t have any exact release date or price for the 9650. When we receive an exact launch date and price, we will post it here. Thanks to NobleRodhos for sending this into us!!

9780 Caught on Video Running OS6

So we have a nice little surprise from the guys over at Driphter this morning. They have posted a video of the 9780 running Blackberry 6. As we all know the 9780 is the same form factor as the 9700, but with the larger memory and most likely will come with the 5 megapixel camera […]

BlackBerry developing slider cousin of 9800?

When referring to slide out keyboards, the landscape version is king.  Well we all know RIM is trying to change that with the 9800′s portrait version, however for those of you still skeptical we have been tipped that RIM is still working on producing a similar second device that will feature a landscape keyboard.  This […]

BlackBerry tablet coming soon?

For those of you who were doubting RIM making a tablet, listen up!  Further confirmation that this is real has just surfaced, thanks to public domain records.  RIM has recently purchased the domain name, leading to speculation that the BlackBerry tablet will be called the “BlackPad” taking after Apple’s “iPad” device.  This could still […]

In the Wild: Blackberry Bold 9780

Our friends over at Driphter just post these amazing photos below:  Blackberry Bold 9780 is running OS 6! The below photo has a huge amount of on board memory to support the new OS6. Below, another picture of the beautiful home screen!   Source: Driphter

Blackberry 4G Device in the Works??

Now this is straight off the rumor mill and no one has been able to confirm or not, but apparently RIM is working a 4G device to be released in December. This new device is being called the “Triton” and if the rumors are true will be one hell of a device. A list of […]

RIM to Release the 9800 in Red??

So it appears that RIM is really trying to go after the consumer market with the new 9800. We have seen different colors for the lower end models such as the Pearl and Curve, but now we are seeing it in the Slider as well. We all know that the 9800 will be release in […]

New Bold Series Device?

I just got news from Salomondrin of a new bold device leak. This device is shown running OS6 and has 512MB of app memory. Is it a replacement for the very popular Bold 9700? Only time will tell.Check out the rest of the scoop on Salomondrin’s site here. Photo Source: Salomondrin Posted from my NerdBerry […]

Blackberry 9800 Slider/Torch Setup

Blackberry 9800 Slider/Torch Setup from Salomondrin. He just posted another 9800 leaked video. The setup video is very awesome! We can’t to get our hands on the 9800. Check out the video:

Official specs of the coming soon Curve 9300 released the official specs of the coming soon Curve 9300. This is the latest in the famous Curve series. 3G and HSDPA GPS WiFi with UMA Processor 624 MHz 256 MB RAM 256 MB Flash QVGA screen (320 x 240) 2 mega pixel camera without flash MHA 1150 Battery Multimedia keys OS 5.0 No word […]

BlackBerry 9800 on the way to AT&T on August 15th?

Rumor from VentureBeat has us all wondering is it true is it true???? Please RIM tell us it is not a rumor and it is true!   BlackBerry 9800 on the way to AT&T on August 15th. According to the BlackBerry Partners Fund’s John Albright who spoke at paidContent Mobile Conference in New York. I may just have to […]