Video Review: Case-Mate Roeswood Case for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

  Today we are here to take a look at the Roeswood Case for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 from Case-Mate. Now in the past we have reviewed the Case-Mate Zebrawood case and Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. After having the time to sit down with all of the […]

Video Review: Case-Mate Zebrawood case for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

  Way back in March @B_ren8 reviewed the Case-Mate Zebrawood Case for the BlackBerry Z10, today we are here to take another look at the Case-Mate Zebrawood case for the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. We recently reviewed the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, which you can check […]

Video Review: Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

During our quest to find a great case for the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 we now get the opportunity to take a look at the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum case for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. If you are looking for all around protection, while maintaining a very elegant look then the Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum […]

I need to muzzle Ruzzle…

Okay so now my mother in law is on BlackBerry 10 and has been for about two months or so. With that said I set her BlackBerry device up gave her the manuals to learn the device and a few tips. Knowing my MIL (mother in law) she would read the manual fully or so […]

Video Review: Seidio Convert Case for the BlackBerry Z10

Today we are here to take a look at the Seidio Convert case and holster combo for the BlackBerry Z10. Seidio has always offered the best in protection for nearly every device on the market from BlackBerry to iOS and everything in between. I have always been a big fan of extra heavy duty cases […]

FlyCraft Giving Away a BlackBerry Z10 and 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook on Facebook!

Just a few days ago FlyCraft received a very cool update allowing you to record a video of your flight and publish it to your YouTube account. Now the developers behind FlyCraft are hosting “The FlyCraft Championship” from Thursday July 11 to Sunday July 28. They will be giving away a BlackBerry Z10 and 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook, FlyCraft […]

Video Review: Otterbox Commuter & Clean Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Q10

In our quest to find the perfect case for the BlackBerry Q10 we take a look at the Otterbox Commuter case paired with the Otterbox Clean Screen Protector. Over the years we have don our fair share of case and accessory reviews, so since we had the chance to review the Defender for the Q10 […]

Video Review: Otterbox Defender Case and Privacy Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Q10

We have reviewed many Otterbox cases in the past so it is only fitting that we take a look at the Otterbox Defender case and Privacy screen protector for the BlackBerry Q10. I will start off by saying the Defender case has what we like to call the most superior protection for any mobile device. […]

Happy Canada Day form @NerdBerry

Nerdberry wanted to take a few minutes today and wish a happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian friends that are oot and oboot (out and about) celebrating today. Especially two of our editors B-ren and Nerdberry_Kim.  Now everyone can return to the celebration and have a Molson for me.

Case Review: BlackBerry Q10 HardShell case

One of the best things about the BlackBerry OEM cases is that there is a variety to choose from.  BlackBerry has made sure that they provide users with a good selection of cases for their new BlackBerry 10 devices.  Today we are going to take a look at the HardShell case for the BlackBerry Q10. […]

Case Review: BlackBerry Q10 FlipShell Case

With the release of the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry released a variety of new cases and accessories that they had developed for the new phone.  Now that the Q10 has been released in several countries we can take a look at the accessories that BlackBerry has made for the second BlackBerry 10 device.  First up we […]

BlackBerry Q10 Review: Is the Q10 the BlackBerry we have been waiting for?

This review has taken us a little time to put together, but we wanted to ensure that we took a long look at the device before judging it and that at least a few of us had some time with the device. We are of course speaking about the highly anticipated BlackBerry Q10, some may […]

Review: iGrip Universal Tablet Windshield Mount

This is the first time we have ever reviewed a tablet windshield mount, I must start off by saying we waited way too long to do this review. A huge thanks to for sending us the  iGrip Universal Tablet windshield mount for review. I have been using the iGrip for about a month now and […]

Video Review: BlackBerry Z10 Leather & Microfiber Pocket Pouch

While in Orlando for BlackBerry Live, Blackberry set up a micro store where you could buy accessories for your favorite BlackBerry device. This BlackBerry micro store sold everything except the kitchen sink… Of course while I was there I did end up dropping some cash and two of the items I picked up were the […]

Review: BlackBerry Q10 Charging Bundle

I would like to start this review off with a question. How often do you charge your BlackBerry Q10? It is a simple question, but also a interesting one and here is why. As soon as I got my BlackBerry Q10, I retired my iPhone 4 and replaced it with my BlackBerry Z10 (I use […]

BlackBerry and Delta join forces for an awesome contest!

To help promote the launch of BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry has teamed up with several companies to hold some great contests.  The latest comes from BlackBerry and Delta Airlines who want to award one lucky winner an amazing prize. This contest is part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour Sweepstakes, which has proven to be a […]

BlackBerry Q10 & Z10 Unlock Codes Now On Sale For Only $30!!!

Unleash the power of your BlackBerry Q10/Z10 by unlocking it and being able to use it on just about any GSM carrier you’re heart desires! Our unlock codes are generated so that you have no problems what so ever with them. The entire process takes about 60 seconds to order your unlock from us. We […]

Review: SuperLeggera PRO from Acase for the BlackBerry Z10

  Back at the end of March Acase announced support for the Blackberry Z10 by bringing their popular SuperLeggera PRO to the BlackBerry Z10. Well Acase reached out to the Nerds to have us take a look at the SuperLeggera PRO for the BlackBerry Z10. The SuperLeggera PRO for the BlackBerry Z10 offers dual protection […]

BlackBerry UK Twitter offering a chance to win a Z10 or Q10

The following question has been eating at many people over the years, what device do I type faster on full touch or QWERTY??? Well it looks like BlackBerry UK Twitter account is trying to answer that lone question with a contest! If you hit the link below you will land on a webpage that will […]

NerdBerry is headed to BlackBerry Live!

With BlackBerry Live set to kick off on Tuesday, we will be flying into Orlando tomorrow to get all set up to bring you the most update BlackBerry coverage. Make sure you are following us on Twitter for photo’s from the event as well more information on BlackBerry Live 2013 and BlackBerry Jam 2013. As […]