App for Pinterest, Get Your Pinterest Fix On BlackBerry 10

Pinterest still doesn’t have an official app for BlackBerry 10. But SCrApps has come out with their own version of a Pinterest app that will fulfill Pinterest user needs. You are able to login into your account, and then view and pin as normal.You are also able to search for specific pin topics from the […]

Voxofon Launches BlackBerry 10 App

Voxofon has updated their app and is now BlackBerry 10 ready. Voxofon lets you place calls on your phone for much cheaper than other apps. You can also call users from other VOIP providers for free. Voxofon offers a free 30 minute international trial. Another cool feature they are promoting is free sms . You […]

Evolution Web Browser with Ad Blocker For BlackBerry 10 Comes With A Ton Of Features

Evolution Web Browser with Ad Blocker is now available for BlackBerry 10. And early reports are saying that it is better than the one that comes with the phone. Which isn’t unusual, but sometimes third party web browsers on phones can be kinda of lacking. If you take a look at the list of features, […]

MMMOOO’s Wallpaper Sky Gets An Update

Wallpaper Sky by MMMOOO got updated to v2.4.3.200. Wallpaper Sky allows users to use Flickr content to make the phone’s background. There are also HD wallpapers and user collections from within the app to choose from. What was updated? A special collection from Alec Saunder’s Flickr! P.S. Alec is the VP of BlackBerry Developer Relationship […]

Twitter v10.2 Now Available for BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Twitter v10.2 for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is now available on the BlackBerry® World™ .  Twitter version 10.2 makes it easier than ever to express yourself and stay connected with social network while on the go.   New Features  Multiple Accounts – With Twitter 10.2 you can now have multiple Twitter accounts within the app. Direct […]

Give Me That App! New App Allows You To Request Apps Be Made For BlackBerry 10

There are lots of apps available for BlackBerry 10. Certainly plenty of popular apps, but there are lots that are missing and wanted. Developers have either decided against them fully or are taking their time in making the apps. Some believe it is because there isn’t enough of a market. What Give Me That App! […]

CascaRun Sports Tracker Now Out For BlackBerry 10 Devices

Apparently the mascot is a running Poptart.. or at least looks like one. CascaRun Sports Tracker is now available for download for BlackBerry 10. It’s like a hybrid run journal/time tracker all in one, with a slew of features. If you are into running and want to improve your times, this is the app for […]

Aio Remote 3.4.4 updated for BlackBerry Q10/5

AIO Remote application has been updated and brings some nice updates to give you better control of your computer using your BlackBerry 10 device! AIO Remote has been updated to v3.4.4 for the Q10/5!  This update includes Q10/Q5 exclusive updates: – Q10/Q5 mouse Pad: use physical keyboard to write instead of virtual keyboard – Q10/Q5 keyboard shortcuts supported (use ‘c’ […]

Play CPC(8bit) Games On Your BlackBerry 10 Device With BB-CPC

Michael Ryssen is the genius behind this new app. You may recognize the name because he also created DoomGLES and HereticGLES apps. BB-CPC sticks with the same type of app, it can play CPC(8bit) games on your BlackBerry 10 device and Playbook. CPC where the app name is derived from, is actually from Amstrad CPCs, […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Now Supports The Q10 And Q5

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD has already been out for a while, but only for the Z10. The developers have updated it and now it can be played on the Q10 and the Q5. The tower defense game comes in two modes, Story Campaign and Squad Assault. Using the right squad, route, special weapons, and plan […]

MTV Launches Their MTV News App For BlackBerry 10

Anyone who follows MTV News online will enjoy this BlackBerry 10 app. People like me, love to read gossip, and it is filled with that. Stay informed on the latest about your favorite celebrities. Along with music, you know, since that is what MTV was originally about. You can even get info specifically on who […]

Aio Remote 3.4.4 updated for BlackBerry Z10

AIO Remote application has been updated and brings some nice updates to give you better control of your computer using your BlackBerry 10 device! AIO Remote has been updated to v3.4.4 and  Q10 support coming soon. This version has the  following updates: – Custom remotes many improvements – Allign custom remote buttons easily – Resize custom remote buttons by 2 […]

theScore Updates Their BlackBerry 10 App

theScore notes on the app page that more leagues and coverage is coming. And already they have come through. They have updated the app to v2.2. What’s in the update? New leagues for Tennis fans:ATP and WTA Horizontal stats for Z10 users: Rotate your phone for additional info when viewing Boxscore Stats for NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL,EPL, Champions […]

Undersea Adventure Game For BlackBerry 10

Undersea Adventure has a pretty simple premise, get the submarine to the chest. Each time you hit the chest, you get to the next level. Tilt the phone to move around and press the screen to move up. Easy controls and simple premise sounds kind of boring. But you can’t run out of air, you […]

VitalSigns For BlackBerry, See The Battery Level And More

VitalSigns allows you to keep track of your battery status. Just looking at the battery level alone isn’t enough to tell you how much juice you have left. The amount left is shown like normal, along with the percentage at the bottom. VitalSigns also tells you the charging state, as in how much you’ve got […]

Make A Movie With Cool Effects On Your BlackBerry 10 Device Using Movie VFX

Movie VFX is the most unique video editing app in BlackBerry World. These aren’t your standard colored tints or sounds. You get full on effects. We are talking car bomb, asteroids and more. Record your cat cleaning itself and then boom! An asteroid appears. Well actually unless your cat is cleaning itself outside..that won’t really […]

CBC Music App Updated, Now For BlackBerry 10

CBC has updated their CBC Music app to be BlackBerry 10 ready. CBC Music for BlackBerry 10 has been a long time coming. While other CBC apps have been ready to go for months, this one took its time. It does look a lot better than before and it’s UI is a huge improvement. CBC […]

Pick An App And Keep Up With The Action For The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

Come Sunday, the team that BlackBerry sponsors, Mercedes AMG Petronas will be participating in the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. It will be airing on tv at 7:30a EDT, which is really early on a weekend day! You can participate in your own way by downloading one of the F1 apps. There’s the F1 2013 […]

Nobex Offers Free Trial And Reduced Price For Premium Service

Nobex won Entrepeneur of the Year at the BlackBerry Achievement Awards and what better way to say thanks, than to offer a huge discounts to your users. Nobex has reduced their premium service by a whopping 70%. The premium service gives you access to a greater range of radio stations.

BlackBerry Z10 “Keep Moving” Commercial Ringtone!

Mobile Link The interwebs have been going crazy over the “Keep Moving” commercial from BlackBerry and the ringtone featured in the commercial. I have had the ringtone for quite sometime now and thought a few of you might want it as well. Many have asked for the name of the soundtrack from the commercial and it by the Tame Impala and the album, Lonerism […]