Kobo has arrived on BlackBerry 10

Just yesterday we let you know that Kobo was headed to BlackBerry 10, today Kobo Inc has released the application! Kobo ereader application is available for free in BlackBerry World and will work on both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. With Kobo, you can read on your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. Download our FREE […]


KOBO coming to BlackBerry 10

Fresh off the rumor mill Kobo Ebooks is coming as a android port for now. With Kobo eBooks app and start browsing millions of free and affordable books from the palm of your hand. Find everything from the hottest new releases to popular classics. Be looking for Kobo in BlackBerry World as early as tomorrow! […]

Aerize LockPic for BlackBerry 10, the first Aerize Native BB10 app!

Released as a native BlackBerry 10 app, Aerize LockPic joins BlackBerry World as the first Aerize Application built only for the new BlackBerry 10 OS. Who wants the same exact picture frame and photo for every room in the house? Now you can display a different background image or photo for the home screen and […]

WhatsApp Updated again this time with bug fixes

WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 has been updated again this week, this time to ver2.10.9689.1. This update is only for bug fixes and nothing more at this time. WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger available for BlackBerry® and 4 other major handsets. WhatsApp Messenger utilizes your existing internet data plan to help you stay in touch […]

CascaRun Sports Tracker Now Out For BlackBerry 10 Devices

Apparently the mascot is a running Poptart.. or at least looks like one. CascaRun Sports Tracker is now available for download for BlackBerry 10. It’s like a hybrid run journal/time tracker all in one, with a slew of features. If you are into running and want to improve your times, this is the app for […]

Autumn Dynasty for the BlackBerry Z10

Autumn Dynasty is a full-fledged RTS game that takes on the metaphor of a Chinese painting, where players use brushstrokes and gestures to command troops on a watercolour rendered battle map. Autumn Dynasty has come a long way since its initial release in Blackberry World and was featured at the Blackberry Jam Europe Keynote. Now […]

Aio Remote 3.4.4 updated for BlackBerry Q10/5

AIO Remote application has been updated and brings some nice updates to give you better control of your computer using your BlackBerry 10 device! AIO Remote has been updated to v3.4.4 for the Q10/5!  This update includes Q10/Q5 exclusive updates: – Q10/Q5 mouse Pad: use physical keyboard to write instead of virtual keyboard – Q10/Q5 keyboard shortcuts supported (use ‘c’ […]

Mireo DON’T PANIC Updated with SD card support

Mireo DON’T PANIC for BlackBerry 10 has been updated in BlackBerry World. This update adds SD card support for BlackBerry 10 devices, this allows you to store maps right on your SD card to save device memory. Mireo DON’T PANIC is a premium offline turn-by-turn GPS navigation app designed to run natively on BlackBerry 10. […]

BeBuzz 10 Pro Updated for BlackBerry 10

Bellshare GmbH has releases an update to their very popular LED application for BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, BeBuzz 10 Pro. This update brings mostly fixes to the application itself. Take full control of your BlackBerry 10 front notification LED! Green for e-mails from your your boss, yellow for new messages on WhatsApp, blue for BBM […]

Play CPC(8bit) Games On Your BlackBerry 10 Device With BB-CPC

Michael Ryssen is the genius behind this new app. You may recognize the name because he also created DoomGLES and HereticGLES apps. BB-CPC sticks with the same type of app, it can play CPC(8bit) games on your BlackBerry 10 device and Playbook. CPC where the app name is derived from, is actually from Amstrad CPCs, […]

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD Now Supports The Q10 And Q5

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD has already been out for a while, but only for the Z10. The developers have updated it and now it can be played on the Q10 and the Q5. The tower defense game comes in two modes, Story Campaign and Squad Assault. Using the right squad, route, special weapons, and plan […]

Doodle Jump Headed to BlackBerry 10!

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! After the list below you will need to keep an eye out for next week’s app list where Doodle Jump apps will be also become available on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 […]

MTV Launches Their MTV News App For BlackBerry 10

Anyone who follows MTV News online will enjoy this BlackBerry 10 app. People like me, love to read gossip, and it is filled with that. Stay informed on the latest about your favorite celebrities. Along with music, you know, since that is what MTV was originally about. You can even get info specifically on who […]

WWE Choke Slams BlackBerry 10!

WWE, Inc. has released their application WWE for the BlackBerry Q10, Q5 and the Z10. The application is available for free in BlackBerry World so all of you wrestling addicts go and get your fix! The application offers breaking news, a massive library of new and classic videos and plenty of photos. At anytime, you […]

Native Evernote app leaked for BlackBerry 10

Well, well, well here we have a newly leaked native application for Blackberry 10 and it is EVERNOTE!!! Thanks to Kris over at CB’s forums this native version was discovered in recent build of BlackBerry 10.2 ( This will need to be sideloaded onto your device and it may or may not work depending on […]

Aio Remote 3.4.4 updated for BlackBerry Z10

AIO Remote application has been updated and brings some nice updates to give you better control of your computer using your BlackBerry 10 device! AIO Remote has been updated to v3.4.4 and  Q10 support coming soon. This version has the  following updates: – Custom remotes many improvements – Allign custom remote buttons easily – Resize custom remote buttons by 2 […]

SafeDrive For BlackBerry 10, Keeps You From Texting While Driving

On my recent roadtrip to California I saw an ad for texting-while-driving related tickets. I forget the amount of the ticket but I think it was something like $261? Obviously a number that high is to keep people from doing it. Even thought they still do. An app like SafeDrive will keep you from texting […]

NYTimes for BlackBerry 10 Updated

The New York Times has released a small update for their BlackBerry 10 application. This update includes bug and stability improvements. Experience the world’s finest journalism like never before with The New York Times app for BlackBerry® 10. Stay informed on world and national news, business, the arts, technology, style, sports, food, travel, opinions, science, […]

theScore Updates Their BlackBerry 10 App

theScore notes on the app page that more leagues and coverage is coming. And already they have come through. They have updated the app to v2.2. What’s in the update? New leagues for Tennis fans:ATP and WTA Horizontal stats for Z10 users: Rotate your phone for additional info when viewing Boxscore Stats for NFL,NBA,MLB,NHL,EPL, Champions […]

S4BB Limited Updates Camera Timer for BlackBerry 10 and Legacy Devices

S4BB Limited has released an update to their Camera Timer application. This update fixes minor bugs and allows you to choose between front and back camera. So what is Camera Timer? Well is just that a camera timer that can be used on bot BlackBerry 10 devices as well as legacy Blackberry devices. Have you […]