S4BB releases Camera Timer for BlackBerry

S4BB Limited has launched a new application Camera Timer. Camera Timer is basically a way for you to take a photo using a timer on your BlackBerry. Have you ever wished for a way to delay taking a photo on your BlackBerry® device? Camera Timer is an easy to use, convenient way to time the […]


Trapeez Gets An Update

Trapeez, the tumblr client app for BlackBerry 10 got updated to v1.2.0.787. What’s been updated and fixed? Quite a bit, there is a list of all the changes made. Kisai Labs has done a thorough job of fixing the major issues that users had been running into.

Cineplex’s Timeplay App Makes Its Way To BlackBerry 10

Cineplex is now offering their TimePlay app to BlackBerry 10 devices. TimePlay is an interactive game app that you play against other people and could win prizes. You download the app, then when you are at the movies, a Cineplex theatre, a game shows up right before the previews.

Tuenti Gets Released For BlackBerry 10 Devices

Tuenti is a newer social network geared towards the younger crowd. They’ve created a native BlackBerry 10 app and made it available the Z10 and Q10. It’s also cross platform, so you can get your friends who are not on BlackBerry to join too.

Sequent, a Challenging Puzzle Game for BlackBerry 10

It’s just one of those games, that BlackBerry users love, and Sequent is just that! Sequent is a fun game simple yet challenging. In every level there are four or three choices of random pictures for you to choose from. Of these images they all coincide with one another in a Sequence. The challenge is […]

App Wednesday Powered by BlackBerry

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! After the list below you will see that Modern Combat 4 and Bleacher Report apps are heading to BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10! Check out the list below and let us know what […]

Texas Hold’em King for PlayBook Updated

Texas Hold’em King for PlayBook updated to version At this time there is not a changelog available to us so if you see anything different feel free to let us know in the comments. Win big, become the ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker King and live the dream… Game Features: Join millions of players in […]

Alien Flow for reddit updated to v2.5.1.2

Alien Flow for reddit has been updated in Blackberry World to version Alien Flow for reddit is a reddit cleint for BlackBerry 10. Reddit is a social news and entertainment website, registered users submit links and people will vote the submissions up or down. It can be addicting going through the different links. And […]

BeBuzz 10 Pro Updated for BlackBerry 10

Bellshare has released a small update to BeBuzz this update adds support for OS 10.1 and more. BeBuz now sits at version and is available in BlackBerry World. Take full control of your BlackBerry® 10 front notification LED! Green for calls from your boss, yellow for e-mails from your girlfriend, blue for BBM messages […]

PC Plus App Comes To BlackBerry 10

PC Plus is a new app launched by Canadian grocer Loblaw. BlackBerry 10 was included in the launch of the app along with iOS and Android. PC Plus offers customers a new loyalty program where they can accumulate points to redeem towards purchasing more groceries.

KeePass Comes To BlackBerry 10

KeePass is an open source password manager that you can get for your PC. Now the developer has it partially ported it over to BlackBerry 10. The app itself keeps track of all your passwords in one place. All you need to do is have one password to get in. But for now this version […]

Dead Space Now Avaliable for BlackBerry 10

The awesome creepy scary game we all loved to play on our BlackBerry PlayBook has come back for more this time, on the BlackBerry 10 devices! EA’s Dead Space is the game you will want to play and not put it down unless you get too scared to continue. AN ORIGINAL DEAD SPACE STORY FOR BLACKBERRY 10 […]

Keep your data usage in check with DataCheck Pro for BlackBerry 10

Have you noticed since upgrading to the BlackBerry Q10 and or Z10 that your data usage has surged through the roof? I know I have since the launch of LTE in Houston my data usage has more then quadrupled than goodness for T-Mobile’s new unlimited plan. We there is a new application to help you […]

The Bard’s Tail on sale for $2.99 in celebration of the Q10 launch!!

For a limited time only The Bard’s Tail is on sale for only $2.99. This sale is to celebrate the launch of the BlackBerry Q10! The Bard’s Tail is available for the BlackBerry Q10, Z10 and PlayBook. Wit the Bard’s Tail you are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. […]

BeWeather 10 Pro Updated for Blackberry 10

Bellshare has released a small update for BeWeather 10 Pro for BlackBerry 10., This update brings a fix for BeWeather closing unexpectedly while running as an active frame in the background. BeWeather is a visually stunning, modern weather application for your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone. See the current weather in beautiful high definition weather animations! Head […]

PGA Tour app for BlackBerry Z10 now available

If you are a golfer or just enjoy watching golf or both and you own a blackberry Z10 you will be happy to know that the PGA Tour application has just released for the BlackBerry Z10! The application is currently free in BlackBerry World and is not yet available for BlackBerry Q10 at this time. […]

Remote Control Collection for BlackBerry 10 Updated – Adds support and dark theme for the Q10

Remote Control Collection application from Steppschuh has been updated to version 4.1. This updated offers support as well as a dark theme for the BlackBerry Q10. The Remote Control Collection is a compilation of remotes, which you can use to wirelessly control your PC! The remotes enable you to control the PC beyond mouse and keyboard! […]

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Updated

BlackBerry has rolled out another update this time to their Facebook application taking the version to This update is for performance enhancements and nothing more at this time. Facebook for BlackBerry 10 smartphone makes it even easier to connect with friends and share your news while you’re on the go. Should you see something […]

Poynt has finally hits BlackBerry 10 – Available for the Q10 and Z10

Poynt Inc. has released Poynt for the BlackBerry Z10  and Q10! Poynt is an award-winning local search app that lets you find and connect with businesses, movies, restaurants, people, offers and events near you whenever and wherever you need them. Poynt allows you to interact with your search through placing calls to businesses, mapping directions, […]

S4BB Updates Theme

S4BB let us know that they have updated Theme again. This brings Theme to v1.2.0.10. The update is fairly big because they have improved the user interface, fixed bugs. And it is now compatible with BlackBerry Q10! Get the free download from BlackBerry World.