Web Splitter for BlackBerry 10 – View two web pages at once

If you have ever had the thought that you wish your Z10 would let you look at two web pages at the same time, then Web Splitter is the app for you.  Web Splitter has a host of features, but the main one being that you will be able to view multiple web pages at […]


Box and Dropbox for BlackBerry 10 get updated

The two pre-loaded cloud based storage apps on BlackBerry 10 have both received an update.  The updates bring Dropbox to v1.1.0.79 while Box gets v1.1.0.88, and both of these updates describe the changes as “Quality Improvements”.  However there was one little surprise in the Box update for anyone that had an account of less than 10GB, […]

Endomondo Hints at BlackBerry Live Announcement Coming Next Week

BlackBerry has continue to work behind the scenes to get big name and key application onto the BlackBerry computing platform, Endomondo the running and exercise application was thought to port their android application to the BlackBerry 10 OS, however issues with the Google Map API is preventing that. Endomondo has made an announcement that they will be bringing some […]

Sequent, a Challenging Puzzle Game for BlackBerry 10

It’s just one of those games, that BlackBerry users love, and Sequent is just that! Sequent is a fun game simple yet challenging. In every level there are four or three choices of random pictures for you to choose from. Of these images they all coincide with one another in a Sequence. The challenge is […]

DynaStunts, WackaMonsta and Biplanes Blasta released for the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

Some new games have made their way to BlackBerry World for both the Z10 and the Q10.  These three games from DanLabG will provide you with some awesome game play on either of the BlackBerry 10 devices available.  There is some nice ScoreLoop integration within these games, and you can even play an online multiplayer […]

theScore, Inc. Announces Closing of $16M Private Placement Financing

- Company to accelerate the development and marketing of its mobile sports apps TORONTO, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – theScore, Inc. (TSX Venture: SCR) (“theScore” or the “Company”) today confirmed the closing of its $16 million private placement financing, allowing the company to accelerate the development and marketing of its mobile sports apps. theScore’s mobile […]

Devs: BlackBerry Can Port your Apps to BlackBerry Q10 For You

The BlackBerry Q10 is going to be available in soon in the US and it is already available in the UK as well as Canada and other countries. Applications that devs and you have ported over to BlackBerry 10 are being used and love by all BlackBerry users alike, however your application may not be update to the new […]

BlackBerry 7 Gets Some Love, Update And Receive Certain Premium Apps Free

BlackBerry is encouraging BlackBerry 7 users to update their devices to 7.1. If you do so, there may be a free app in it for you. Looking at the list, North America is not included but there are a bunch of other countries who can benefit from this. Check out the list below to see […]

Education Apps Now Available for BlackBerry 10

LONDON, ENGLAND… EducationApps Limited, the UK’s leading provider of mobile study apps for students, has released its first BlackBerry apps ahead of the UK exam season. Many UK students begin their exams next week. The apps are available on BlackBerry 10 (both the Z10 and Q10), OS 6 and 7 and can be downloaded for […]

Some Major Apps Are Not Compatible With The BlackBerry Q10, When Will They Be?

The upcoming BlackBerry Q10 is not compatible with all the apps that have been released for BlackBerry 10. Some developers have gone ahead and fixed their apps in anticipation. However, some of the major apps are not yet available. The good news is there is a list of apps that will be out very soon.

OpenDataSpace for BlackBerry 10 updated – Q10 support added

We have seen numerous apps get updated for BlackBerry 10 in the last few days thanks to the release of the Q10.  OpenDataSpace received an update today to version, and it includes a fairly lengthy changelog.  If you are not familiar with OpenDataSpace it is an app that can access the secure servers on […]

CarFinder for BlackBerry 10 updated to

CarFinder for BlackBerry 10 received an update today to version  This is a great app for anyone that finds it tough to keep track of the last place they left their car.  This can especially come in handy if you are visiting an unfamiliar city or part of town, and need to make sure […]

App Wednesday Powered by BlackBerry

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! After the list below you will see that Real Soccer 2013, Six Guns, Modern Combat 4, Tuenti and KOOORA apps are heading to BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10! Check out the list below and […]

Looking to watch some movies? check out PopcornFlix for BlackBerry 10

One of the great things that BlackBerry 10 brought to the BlackBerry platform was a revamp of BlackBerry  World and the addition of movies for rent or purchase.  Now you may not always want to buy or rent a movie, and that is where PopcornFlix for BlackBerry 10 can help you out.  You may have […]

Remember the Milk Avaliable for BlackBerry 10

Remember the Milk is finally available for BlackBerry 10. You can take your todo to the next level. Remember The Milk is everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more. Note this is an android port but it works well. Key Features: • Add and complete tasks on […]

BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v4.3.1.99

So I am sitting here just tidying up my BlackBerry Z10 from loading the latest leaked OS from today and what do I see? BlackBerry World updated to version! This update brings the following: Bug fixes and improved browsing experience on the BlackBerry Q10 allowing more content on the screen while scrolling. Let us […]

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 updated to version 1.0.1 in BlackBerry World

For all you fans of the Twitter client Blaq, you will be happy to know that the BlackBerry 10 version of the app has been updated in BlackBerry World.  The update brings Blaq to version 1.0.1 and it includes a bunch of bug fixes, as well as some new features. Here is the changelog for […]

ATP Tour, Cut the Rope and Viber apps headed to the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10

It is that time of the week where BlackBerry puts their list together for the top applications and games for the week! After the list below you will see that ATP Tour, Cut the Rope and Viber apps are coming to BlackBerry World! Check out the full App Wednesday list below! Check out the following […]

BlackBerry World STILL Down for You?? Try This Fix

JDuke from OSBB has a BAR file that you can simply sideload to you BlackBerry Z10 to fix whatever BlackBerry World issues you may still be having. This is a third party BAR file and you sideload it using vnBB10 and or localBar2, and download the nifty fix here Thanks, @BerryReview Previously Updated Work Around Go into your music app. Tap the three dot […]

BlackBerry Shows More Details on BlackBerry World Promo Codes

BlackBerry has leaked more information on the up and coming BlackBerry World promo codes. This new information shows off possible errors when trying to use the promo codes in BlackBerry World. Also in the newly leaked OS for BlackBerry Z10 you have the ability to utilize these promo codes. So what type of promo […]